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Why Not Use Your Career To Help People?

3 February 2017 No Comment

A lot of people would say that they were unsatisfied with their jobs. Many of us find ourselves in careers that aren’t engaging and are just a slog to get through each day. Nothing can make a work day last longer than a combination of frustration and boredom. For many people, the root of this frustration is that they don’t feel as though they’re actually doing something worthwhile with their career. Plenty of people would love to spend their lives actually doing something to help people, but feel trapped in soulless careers that leave them completely unsatisfied. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be that way. There are plenty of careers where you can dedicate your time to helping people. Here are just a few.


What could possibly be more fulfilling that using your time to craft the minds of the next generation? Working in education is one of the most rewarding things that a person can do with their lives. No matter what level you’re working at you can always have a wonderfully important impact on a young person’s life. Education is the place where children develop into young adults, and you can be a part of that process. Don’t assume that your options are limited to just teaching either; there are dozens of different roles within education that are perfect for whatever your level of qualification or skill set is.


A lot of people would genuinely love to work in the kind of industry where they were saving lives every day but are put off by the idea of the years of training and education required to become a doctor or a nurse. Fortunately, those aren’t the only important roles in the medical profession. Some careers in medicine, like billing and coding, are the kinds of things that you can get into much more easily. What is medical billing and coding? It’s a career that requires you to translate medical terms into the correct coding for insurance purposes. It’s a hands-off medical profession that is nonetheless incredibly important. It just goes to show that not every career in medicine needs to involve years and years of training and education. Don’t let your assumptions get in the way of starting a career that allows you to do something truly important.

Social Work

Are you the kind of person who has always been there to help sort out arguments and disagreements? Have you always wanted to help people to help themselves? Are you the kind of person who can easily connect with just about anyone? Then social work might be the career for you! There are few things more satisfying than being able to support individuals and families through periods of difficulty and struggles so that they are able to come out the other side stronger than before. It’s far from the easiest job in the world, in fact, it can often be incredibly difficult. But the joy that you get knowing that you’ve made someone’s life better is well worth it.

The wonderful thing about these kinds of careers is that they’re not only incredibly worthwhile but can come with enormous amounts of personal satisfaction. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel at the end of each day when you can say that you’ve really done something good with your time.

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