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How A Niche Could Help Your Private Practice Excel

3 February 2017 No Comment

One of the most important aspects of running any business is finding the need and the market share to sustain it. For most healthcare practices, the need is obvious. People need healthcare. But depending on market positioning and the competition, you might find that your business is facing steep opposition. To grow above the rest, the best idea is to look into what you can provide on top of your existing services. Here, we will look at a few options worth considering.

Urgent care

If you are able to expand your capacity for work significantly, then you may look into one of the options that not a lot of practices would be able to accommodate. Urgent care centers provide the immediate treatment that many need without being able to get an appointment for. It is certainly a potentially high-stress niche to spread out into, but it’s also one that has plenty of work available. You just need to ensure that you have the ability to take on that drastic sort of workload.

Remote care

Something a bit more relaxed, but with also a potential to help you reach many more people is the idea of offering remote care. With the improvement of telemedicine technology, some practices are starting to offer consolation and diagnosis through the internet itself. Consider looking into a single source for all things telemedicine and learning how to implement it into your practice. Not only is it more efficient and convenient, but it could help you offer your services to patients who might not physically be able to make it to a practice, otherwise.

Med spa care

There are also those practices that are moving into services that might not be considered quite as essential. These are the services that cross over into the wellbeing sector of the healthcare industry. Med spa care offers not only cosmetic services to practice visitors, but can also offer wellbeing advice including diet and exercise advice on a more involved level than the usual practice. There’s no doubt that the wellbeing sector is one that has been rocketing up in recent years.


Then there are those services that get a lot more involved in the long-term care of patients after initial diagnosis and treatment. Physiotherapists need a good of specialized training, which makes hiring them an investment worth considering. However, a practice with good physiotherapy services could find themselves being used as outsourced help from a number of other doctors as well. You could potentially use that expertise to expand the business by even further by offering additional treatment like direct access to your physiotherapy services.

It might seem bizarre that something as essential as health care could benefit from the introduction of niche services. However, that doesn’t mean you have to pursue it cynically. Many people have need of these services and if they’re not already available on the market, then your practice could be doing a lot of good by filling that need and reaching those who were previously lacking.


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