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The Product Of Productivity: Implementing It In Your Workforce

6 February 2017 No Comment

The challenge in being productive is difficult in the 21st century. With the amount of distractions we have in terms of social media, smartphones, and the general amount of stress that doing the rounds for various reasons, productivity in and out of the work environment is at an all-time low. As a business, you need to find ways to encourage productivity, or it will be the death knell for your company. Every department in the organization needs productivity increased in one way or another, and the demand customers put on our businesses means that we need to be firing on all cylinders all the time. Are there any tools that we can give our employees to ensure a faster rate of working?

Creating value is an important habit that can be implemented into a work environment. People in a factory line type of workplace, such as a contact center, may not feel emotionally connected to their line of work. When we don’t invest ourselves emotionally into our work, it shows. Customers can always tell, and if they can tell, then we are doing something wrong. Adding a sense of value to their work, even something as simple as adding humor is enough to increase productivity.

Our employees are such a valuable asset that we wouldn’t be able to do anything without them, so if we have people on the firing line, taking abusive calls in the contact center, or working under pressure to complete a (seemingly) impossible task. These things will impact on their emotional well-being in one way or another, which will detract from their productivity. This is especially important in an environment like sales, and this is something that is being addressed directly by companies that provide sales enablement services and can provide training for staff, or look at the technology you use to assess productivity. In a workspace that requires staff to be high energy, there is a tendency to reach for the unhealthy snacks or energy drinks. This is a great way for the dreaded mid-afternoon energy slump. Replacing it with natural sugars, like fruit, or nuts for energy, should help to sap the slump. And in the work of a business startup, there are never enough hours in the day, so by leading a healthy life, this will help to maintain even energy levels. It’s a massive cliché, but test the difference between eating chocolate and soda, and fruit, nuts, and seeds!

A big tool in the battle of productivity is preparation. Starting your work the night before, or delegating the tasks at the end of the day to give staff an idea of their working day makes it easier for people to mentally plan ahead and takes the surprise and stress out of their day. Taking 15 minutes at the end of each day to delegate and give people the information can help them to prepare, and so they can waltz into work ready to get down to it, instead of stressing about a plan of action. Prepare for productivity, and it will work a lot better for you.


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