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Three Reasons Why Millennials Are Effective When It Comes to Social Media

7 February 2017 One Comment

They Ask Why

All the time. They ask why when they shouldn’t. They ask why when they should. They always seem to be asking why and it’s not always for the wrong reasons.

Millennials want to understand they why behind a specific policy or procedure and if it seems archaic or inefficient to them they will do the research to present you with a better solution.

Millennials were taught early on that they could accomplish anything if they put their mind to it. While this can sometimes lead to disappointment for millennials it does give them a can-do attitude and an extra motivational force that pushes them forward with everything that they set out to do.

This is especially prevalent in a working environment. If you have a millennial working at your PR firm in a social media role they will take on their position and its requirements as if their very lives depended on it. Successful corporate media giants like Berbay, located in Los Angeles offers millennials internship programs to get them involved in their corporate culture and marketing, PR, and social media efforts. The conglomerate offers all types of different marketing and PR services, including marketing to attorneys, social media campaign strategy, management and more.

They Are Always Online

Millennials spend an average of over 5 hours per day consuming various types of social media each day. That is over half of the average work day in the United States.

Most people who fit in the millennial category were born into the age of social media. They don’t know any different as they’ve been around it since they were born.

Fittingly, millennials consume social media for a variety of different reasons: to decompress, to be on top of trending topics and popular culture, to connect with friends and work colleagues, to ensure they are staying informed and relevant amongst many other reasons.

Unlike many generations before them, there was no real learning curve when it comes to the world of online media.

They Understand the Value of Social Media

Many millennials in their 20’s have a hyper sensitized understanding of social media and how it drives business and decision making. For example, when searching for the best soy latte in town, a millennial may turn to social media apps rather than just a plain old Google search.

Why you may ask?

They not only want the best soy latte in town but they want to get it from where their peers got the best soy latte in town. The value of social media approval and positively rated establishments that are frequented by their peers or even better their favorite celebrities or singers, is huge for many millennials. They make purchasing decisions based on it.

They also love the ability to rate their favorite establishments online and gush about their positive experiences with a business or brand. Conversely, most millennials will also give you a scathing review or rating if they feel that the customer experience was not positive, so this works both ways.

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