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If you going to retire in the next 15 years think about modular house purchase

27 February 2017 No Comment
If you are thinking about retiring, you may also be thinking about moving. Perhaps it is time to downsize from the house you bought when you had several children at home. Or you simply want to get out of the town work pulled you to, but which never quite felt like home.


Retirement, in fact, brings more freedom in terms of where to live and what kind of house to buy. At the same time, you may need to be near younger relatives and many houses are not designed with aging in mind. Between your savings and the value of the house you are selling, you may or may not have enough money to buy your dream home – which might not be the same as what you needed forty years ago.


Building your own home is one way to get everything you need – for older people this often means a home on one level, large enough to hold your accumulated stuff without being so big you feel as if you are rattling around, and in the place, you have always wanted to live. Unfortunately, building your own home can be extremely expensive.


One cheap option is to go with a modular home. Modular homes are not mobile homes (although those can also be a good option for some older people) – a modular home is just like a real home and is permanently built on your lot, appraising the same way, but it is built in a factory and shipped to the lot rather than being constructed on site.


This is beneficial in a few ways – and the cost is one of them. Although the cost of a modular home varies depending on size, design, and features, it is almost always cheaper than building a house direct on the foundations. One reason is that it is much faster. Because the modular house is built indoors, there are no construction delays because of inclement weather. They take only a few weeks to build, which reduces labor costs. This means you can often get a custom-built home for the same amount as you would pay for an existing house, or even less. On top of that, they are actually often built to higher code standard than site built homes. Insurance is the same – and nobody needs to know the home is modular, as modular homes often look just like the site built home next door.


Modular homes are traditionally built on one level, or one level on top of an already-constructed basement. This means there are no stairs to worry about. Custom designs can be put together with an eye to aging in place and staying in your new home as long as possible, with kitchens and bathrooms built for accessibility. Modular homes can come with the kitchen and bathroom already installed – some even come with a fridge and dishwasher, which if you have been in a rental or condo your entire working life can be important. You can generally choose from a large variety of site plans and can often customize everything from the color to details of the site plan.


Buying a new manufactured home means you can choose a lot where you want it a couple of months before you retire, and then move right in with no hassles, no redecorating, and all for less than a normal home purchase. Home Nation (https://homenation.com/) can provide you with more information about what it means to choose a new modular home, and help you choose from a wide variety of designs and floor plans to fit your exact needs.

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