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7 Most Common Laws Broken Everyday

9 March 2017 No Comment

Whether one accepts it or not, there are many Australian laws that affect us on a daily basis, at times in the form of a penalty and hefty cash. Due to the many different classifications of laws in Australia, it is best to have them grouped into different categories. This makes them easier to be understood and dealt with. Furthermore, it makes it easier for the judges, lawyers and legal personnel to construe. They tell us what can one expect in the form of an outcome in a certain situation arises and lastly, in which court will the complaint be heard.

You may think that you are a law abiding individual who has never broken any civil, criminal or administrative law. We say: think again. Every day, thousands of Australian citizens break laws they aren’t even aware of while breaking them. In this post, we will take a look at seven such laws that not many of us live by.

1.     Traffic/driving laws

The most obvious ones include speeding, texting while driving, and eating or drinking while driving. However, there are many that we aren’t aware of, such as incorrect indication, not stopping for pedestrians, riding a bicycle on a pavement, etc. Now try to think how often do we do these?

2.     Employment law

It is also commonly known as employment regulations. According to this law, one can’t discriminate within the workplace, dismiss someone wrongfully, fire someone without notice, restrict breaks, annual leave, maternity leaves, and make employers work for more than 40 hours per week, etc.

3.     Environmental law

This law is concerned with areas of infrastructure, planning and environmental protection. According to the law, it is illegal to throw little on the roads but we do it anyways and get away with it. A recent addition to this law, one must maintain a 100 metres distance from a whale carcass that may have washed off at the sea.

4.     Intellectual property law

This law governs designs, copyrights, and patents. According to this law, one can be held accountable for stealing an online image and using it in our school presentations, but let’s just face it, we all have done it and are still on it.

5.     Property law

This law concerns all those matters related to you and your real estate property. Most commonly broken laws on a daily basis can include simple acts such as plucking fruits from your neighbour’s overhanging tree, trespassing, jumping on the trampoline, vandalism, vacuuming the house later in the daytime, etc. To know more about such regulations, get real advice on your property to play safe.

6.     Tort law

According to the tort law, one insult allowed to spread rumours, defaming anyone or be negligent of their civil duties will be fined on spot or even asked to present themselves before a judge. But then how many times in a day do we find someone’s picture on social media and post bad comments about it?

7.     Information technology law

This law deals with the different regulations regarding software, internet and broadcasting. Downloads like pirated movies and software, or using someone else’s Wi-Fi is considered illegal, but how many of us care to stop doing it? Not many that we know of!

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