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How to Make More Money out of Your Career Choice

11 March 2017 No Comment

Your career choice is probably a lifelong one. If not, then it’s probably sucked more hours out of your life than you could possibly remember. Think back to how long you’ve spent studying about your career, reading textbooks, staying up late after midnight to study and write reports, and then think of the student loan you’re probably still paying off because studying at university is awfully expensive.

Try not to think about it too much because it’ll probably upset you more than anything. However, there are plenty of ways to get more money of your career choice, and here are just a couple of examples.


If you work as something that is creative such as web design, as an author or even as a designer, then you could probably make more money from your career choice by going the freelance route. A lot of people assume that going freelance means you have to quit your job, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, many people go freelance while still working at their main jobs because it’s simply more effective and less of a risk. If you do plan to go freelance as a full time job, then it helps to have a standard job to fund your new venture.


If you work with a company with a proper set of rules, then they probably have some clauses in their contracts that allow you to take time off work—paid work! Some companies in the world even force you to take some days off just so that they can’t be sued for overworking you. Check the contract you signed with your employer and see if you’re able to get some extra time off work while still being paid—a win/win situation for everyone. You might also be entitled to a personal injury claim if you’ve had an accident. As long as it happened within the past three years and you have proof of the situation, you can actually look for a specialized personal injury lawyer and see what options you have. In most cases, you’ll probably get money to pay for medical expenses and medication that you personally paid for, but you might also be able to receive some compensation as well.

Greener Pastures

Your current job might not be utilising your skills to their fullest and, as a result, you might feel a little underutilised. This is common in many workers who are destined for greater things, so if you feel like you’re not working or progressing at a pace that you find acceptable, perhaps it’s time to move on and find another workplace that offers a clearer path up your chosen career ladder. Leaving your job is always going to be a daunting prospect, but it helps if you plan ahead and look for higher-paying jobs before you ditch your old employer. Businesses like to see hungry individuals that strive for success, and you might even decide to become an entrepreneur if the thought of working for someone irks you!

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