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A Little Research Goes A Long Way In Your Career

20 March 2017 No Comment

When looking at a fresh start on a new career or getting into another position, a lot of people tend to focus most on how they can improve themselves and make them the best fit for any job. Self-promotion and self-improvement are important in a career, but just as important is ensuring that you’re a fit for the jobs that you’re seeking. A little more time spent researching employers and less focusing on yourself could be the way to both land the job you want and make sure you’re informed enough that you’ll actually still want it when you get it.

Make a better impression

Writing a CV can be a gruelling process, to begin with. Summing up all your educational, vocational and lifestyle skills and habits onto a page or two can be difficult. What do you cut and what do you leave in? That question can better be answered by finding out exactly what the employer looks for from their employees. Not just in terms of positional skill, but what kind of personalities they prefer to employ. With that information, it’s a lot easier to tailor your CV to the employer’s needs. Focus on the same things they focus on and cut out anything that seems too irrelevant to the position or the employer.

Get a feel for the culture

Getting an idea of the workplace culture doesn’t just help you find what aspects of your personality and work ethic you should focus on, however. It’s a vital part of seeing whether or not you should look at a company. For instance, looking at employee reports on sources like AlgaeCal reviews on Glassdoor highlight the pros and cons straight from the people already working in the company you’re thinking of joining. If you’re a social person, then the idea of company lunches, team-building, and a communicative atmosphere might sound like exactly the kind of work environment you would thrive in. Meanwhile, if you’re more introverted, it could be a sign of a workplace that could be uncomfortable for you.

Does it offer direction?

One of the most important factors to consider when you want to make the right step in your career is just how many steps it can offer. Choosing a job with little training opportunity and no room to grow into other positions can very easily lead to a lack of direction in your career. This is the dead-end job and if you don’t do your research, it can take a while to reveal itself after you’ve already accepted it. Don’t be afraid, during your interview, to ask employers about any training opportunities they offer, or what the typical employee progression through the business tends to look like.

Besides giving you all the intel you need on both tailoring your application and ensuring the employer is a fit for you, the fact you take time to research is just as impressive to employees as whatever you find out in that research. Show them you’re forward thinking and detail-minded by spending some time finding those details.

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