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How to Raise More Funds for your Non-Profit

17 April 2017 No Comment

The non-profit sector is highly competitive and to ensure that you continue to raise funds, you have to stay on top of the email marketing game. New and innovative technology and methods are often released, and staying up to date with them will give you the cutting edge.

Using non-profit marketing opportunities such as Giving Tuesday will add some extra punch to your campaigns, so make sure that you tap into it. Prepare your campaigns well in advance and get all of your marketing ducks in a row – email campaigns, website content updates and social media marketing. If you develop a powerful content creation plan in readiness for Giving Tuesday, you will be able to make the most of the opportunity.

Did you know that 33% of all online fundraising in 2015 was from email? Therefore, for anyone who thinks that email marketing is a dying strategy, you need to become educated in the latest marketing statistics as email campaigns are still a highly valuable way to raise funds. Did you also know that 88% of funds come from just 12% of an organization’s donors? It is important to know this kind of information when you are planning your marketing campaigns.

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