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Three Crucial Points about Buying a Home

20 April 2017 No Comment

Buying a home is an important life milestone. It’s like a checkpoint in life that signals the end of your last stage and the beginning of your next. It really does play a huge role in ‘living the dream’. However, buying a home is far from a ‘dreamy’ experience. Yes, if you don’t remember the crucial points below it can soon turn into a living nightmare.

Get your finances in order

First of all it is imperative that you get your money together even before you think about the venture. Because this will more than likely be the biggest investment you ever make in life, you have to be sure that you can either afford it or are able to get the best mortgage possible. To do the latter there are a few crucial things you need to remember. You need to have a copy of your credit rating and report handy at all times so that you can easily show your score. You need to look around the market for the lowest interest rates. You need to avoid online lenders and deal with real people. You need to uncover any hidden or future costs. And you do need to try to pay as much upfront as you possibly can.

Be patient

When buying a home, especially if it’s your first go on the property ladder, It’s easy to jump the gun. It’s easy to let your heart take control, rather than your head. It’s easy to let excited emotions rule your thoughts rather than sensible ones. But this shouldn’t happen. You must fight the urge to try and hurry things up. You should be patient when looking for the perfect home for you as it is a huge life milestone. And once you do find this dream home you have to be patient still. There are a host of procedures set in place when it comes to this process that can sometimes make it drag on, and on, and on. As evidenced on the Sky Five Properties house closing timeline it is a lengthy process to go through and it shouldn’t be rushed. What with everything that you need to do in the situation, and the fact that you may have to wait for those that you are buying off to find a new home themselves, patience is most certainly needed.

Make sure everything is as it appears

In the process of buying a home you can never let anybody or anything pull the wool over your eyes. You should ensure that you are right in the know when it comes to every little detail of the move. Notably this means having your prospective new home professionally inspected and surveyed. Municipal reports or personal builder checks may only uncover — either inadvertently or even intentionally — aspects of the home that protect those that are selling it rather than those who are buying it. For instance, if the property has issues with rising damp and this goes unnoticed in the first report then you are going to have to spend money on getting it fixed. Once you sign the deeds and move in it is your lawful problem. But if you pinpoint the issues when it is not lawfully your problem you have every right to pull out of the deal or ask for money off of the asking price so that you can have it fixed.

It is also imperative that you make the move as stress-free for yourself as possible. Make sure to check out these tips on how you can do just that.


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