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A Cure For The Impractical Degree

5 May 2017 No Comment

When you leave university, it feels like you have the world at your feet. The hard work has paid off, and you’re finally ready to do the job of your dreams. But, that floating feeling often lands in a hard crash within a few weeks of your job search. It’s a sad fact, but many degrees leave you up the creek without a paddle. In an ideal world, getting the job you dream of would be easy, especially once you’re qualified. But, sometimes we follow our hearts instead of our heads when it comes to what we study. And we often don’t realize it until we’re back out in the real world with no career prospects. But, what can you do about it?


You spent enough time on your degree that you want a job which utilizes it in some way. After a few job rejections, you may realize that it’s not going to be as easy as you thought. But, that’s no reason to let your studies go to waste. Instead, get innovative with jobs you apply for. A degree in architecture, for example, could lead you to a building site, or a sculpture gallery. Or, if you have a degree in film, you could get a job in a cinema. While these aren’t what you had in mind, they can tide you over until you find the perfect thing. Plus, they’re good ways in. In many fields, it’s who you know that counts. Getting a job on the edge of your dream career could lead you to meet people who can bring you into the inner-circle.


In some cases, you may have no choice but to go back to the building blocks and start again. Returning to study isn’t something any of us embrace. Not only can it seem like a waste of time, but it’s also an expense most of us could do without when paying off a student loan. Even so, getting a degree that will always be relevant will make your life easier. The best way around the problem is to find a way to study while you’re working. That way, you can improve your prospects while still earning money. Something like a Fresno Pacific online health care BA is a sure way into a career that won’t let you down. And, it would allow you to fit your studies around your life.


If you can’t let go of your dreams, you could always create the career you can’t find. Going it alone is a frightening prospect, but it’s a sure way to make use of your degree. Study the market that’s relevant and see if there’s a gap you can fill. In most cases, innovative thinking will lead you to an enterprise that can work. Bear in mind that it’ll help to have some experience in your chosen field first. Consider doing an internship to learn your craft first!


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