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3 Affordable Types of Online Training for Your Small Business Employees

16 May 2017 No Comment

It is no secret that training and development lead to higher retention and employee satisfaction. When many small businesses face budget reductions, employee training and development opportunities are often one of the first things to go. If you want your employees to remain has productive and skilled as possible, you may need to consider some alternative training solutions. Luckily, here are 3 affordable types of online training for your small business:

1. Logistics Training

For nearly every company, the ability to quickly, affordably and efficiently get your product in the hands of your customers is key to the survival of your business. Your logisticians are responsible for coordinating and analyzing how a company moves product from your supplier to the consumer. They manage the lifecycle of a product from start to finish, including its acquisition, distribution, allocation and delivery. Ensuring that these professionals remain as productive and accurate as possible is very important for your business. Online logistics courses from companies like Arc Training can provide them with the tactical knowledge and skills they need to perform their job effectively.

2. Customer Engagement Training

Your customer service specialists are another invaluable part of your team. These individuals are responsible for interacting with your customers and providing them with the solutions, answers and services they need. Customer engagement training can equip your customer service reps with skills like:

  • Operating Microsoft Office programs
  • Improving verbal and nonverbal communication skills
  • Time management
  • Business writing
  • Teamwork
  • Workplace safety and health

Leadership and Management Training

As a small business owner, you depend on your management team to get the job done. Online leadership and management training can equip them with the knowledge, abilities and skills they need to do just that. Not only can a leadership and management course help hone the skills of your management team, it can also help promising junior-level employees grow into a supervisory role. Through this training, they can learn to provide the guidance, leadership and support required to become a supervisor. They will also learn to organize and monitor their team’s production to ensure that company goals and deadlines are being met. This type of training is ideal for team leads, supervisors and senior level coordinators on your staff.

3. Business Administration Training

Business administration training courses are generally designed for employees who have at least two years working for your business. This type of course can allow your more experienced staff to upgrade their skills and become more involved in how your business operates. The ideal candidate for this type of course has fine-tuned administrative skills and extensive knowledge of the various administrative functions within your organization. During this course, they will be challenged to come up with innovative solutions to unpredictable problems and analyze information from various sources. Following this type of course, employees may be prepared to provide limited guidance and leadership to others. This type of training is great for project assistants, office administrators and executive assistants.

The overall success of your business depends on the individual success of your employees. Providing employees with leadership and development opportunities can not only help you retain your top talent but also help them achieve their full potential.

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