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What Can Corporate Broking Do for Your Small Business?

18 May 2017 No Comment

With more and more young professionals looking to entrepreneurial ventures rather than conventional employment, it makes sense to understand some of the services you may want to engage to help you maximise your money as your small business or start-up grows.

In the financial services sphere, one good thing to know about and understand is corporate broking. Corporate broking services are used by businesses of different sizes for many reasons, and you may be at a point in running your business where looking to corporate brokers for help may be a financially wise idea.

What Is Corporate Broking?

Corporate broking is a term used to describe several services that relate to first, turning your business into a public company by way of an initial public offering (IPO), and then helping you manage your relationship with your shareholders and selling your shares. Effectively, if you want to raise funds for your business by selling off shares in it, then corporate brokers are the people who will oversee this and advise you. They are experts in the financial markets and in share dealing, as well as often having other areas of business finance expertise. They will help you prepare to launch on a securities exchange, assist you in regulatory and compliance matters, and then manage the ongoing aspect of having shareholders after your business goes public.

Nominated Advisors (NOMADs)

If you want to launch your business on the Alternative Investments Market (AIM) – an offshoot of the London Stock Exchange designed for smaller, less obviously viable businesses (a category most start-ups and small businesses tend to fit) – one of the requirements is that you have what is called a ‘nominated advisor’. This is normally referred to by the catchy acronym NOMAD. Good corporate brokers such as WHIreland plc can serve as your NOMAD, so having a business working for you in this capacity is pretty much essential if you are looking to put your business on the AIM.

Even if you are looking at other fundraising options for your business aside from an IPO, it can be well worth having a discussion with a corporate broker to see whether going public might be the best option at this time. In any case, it is good to understand the role corporate brokers play in the markets should launching on the AIM or another securities exchange make sense for your venture in the future.

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