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Looking After Your Employees (And Why It’s So Important!)

31 May 2017 No Comment

To do well in business, it really is vital that you have the right people on your team. You might have the best business idea imaginable, but you can’t do it all yourself; your employees are the many cogs in the finely tuned machine of your business. Getting the right people (and keeping them) is vital to your company’s success. Here are a few ways you can go about it.

Offer Good Employee Benefits

Providing excellent employee benefits will make your company an attractive place to work, and allow you to snag the best employees. This includes things like health insurance, disability plans, and pension packages. On top of this, you could also offer things like a company smartphone, laptop or even company car.

Whatever it is that allows them to do their job more efficiently will benefit both you and them.

Keep The Workplace Friendly

During the recruitment process, it’s worth keeping an eye out for people who have a track record of working well as a team. It’s in your best interest that everyone in the office gets along, bitchiness and unpleasantness could lead to employee satisfaction and high turnover rate where people end up looking for a new job. This costs you money in recruiting, interviewing and training and is not a nice environment for people to work in. Being an approachable boss means your employees are more likely to open up to you about any issues like this they are facing.

Team Building Activities

One way to improve relationships in the office and keep the team working well together is to arrange some team building activities. There are companies you can book with which offer day, weekend and multiple day trips with various activities to boost your team’s morale. You could even just arrange the odd lunch or dinner paid for by the company to get everyone together.

Set Up a Good Office Space

Your workers will be spending most of their time at the office, so this space shouldn’t just be an afterthought. You need to consider everything from the layout to the colors of the walls to your equipment. For example, supportive chairs and ergonomically designed desk keep employees comfortable and reduce neck, back, and wrist strain when using a computer all day. Your worker’s safety should always be on the forefront of your mind, you’re liable for them while they are on site. If you allow anything to go wrong, a workers compensation lawyer will soon be in touch! Make sure fire safety is up to date, walkways are kept clear, and staff have the correct training to prevent accidents.

If you look after your staff, they will look after your company. They will be happier and more motivated and do their very best work. You’ll reduce staff turnover rates and therefore save money, and doing things by the book means you avoid tribunals, lawsuits and other issues,

How do you keep your staff happy and healthy at work?


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