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Easy Ways to Boost your Savings: How to Keep More of your Cash Each Month

12 July 2017 No Comment

The world of the 21st century is more service-oriented than ever. In this era of instant gratification, a lot of people buy new things when they really can’t afford to do so. This doesn’t mean anyone has to do without. Simply learn a few DIY tricks, and keep your home, car, and life running like new.

Make the most of your money

Although interest rates are not what they used to be, opening an interest bearing account can be a good way to effortlessly boost your savings. Shop around for banks that offer perks like free checking accounts and sign-up bonuses for new customers, advises The Simple Dollar magazine.

Creative persons can save a ton of money when they make their own gift cards and presents. Who wouldn’t love a framed painting made by their very own friend? If you haven’t any artistic talent, don’t worry. Take a class in abstract expressionism at your local community college and learn to matte and frame your work. Cut images from magazines and create pretty collages. Before you know it, your friends and family will come to love your hand-crafted gifts and greeting cards.

Eat better for less

Grow a garden and bake your own bread. This may seem like an old-fashioned way to save a few bucks, but it’s actually a great way to boost your health along with your bank account. Browse seed catalogs to find an assortment of delicious, nutritious veggies and make sure the ones you order are appropriate for your growing zone. Even if you don’t have a yard with room for a garden, you can grow tomatoes, pole beans, and bell peppers in clay pots on your porch.

Bread is the staff of life, they say, and something most families can’t do without. Dig out your grandma’s favorite cookbook, and gather the ingredients you need. Older kids can help with kneading, and the whole family can marvel at the aromatic results of a day of bread baking.

Create weekly menus based on store sales. Make a detailed shopping list and stick with it no matter how attractive the impulse purchase aisle. These two tiny tips can make an enormous difference in the amount of money your family spends on groceries. When you plan meals around sale items, you can cut your food costs in half, say money experts at Time magazine.

Keep your car out of the repair shop

If you drive a BMW, good for you. Known as one of the nicest cars in the world, a Beemer can also be a hefty source of expense. If you learn how to do your own tune-ups and other basic maintenance tasks, you can save gobs of money you’d otherwise pay a car dealer or mechanic. If you have the proper automotive tools and follow a BMW auto repair manual rather like a step-by-step cookbook, you can learn to handle a lot of your own car repairs. Buy a car tire pressure gauge, and learn how to use it. Proper tire inflation can improve gasoline consumption in a very big way. To save even more, take a car repair class and learn how to do the basics and more.

Save hundreds of dollars a month when you clip coupons and submit refund forms. Spend your coupons at a store that doubles their value to save even more. Look at manufacturer websites to find rebate forms. Note the requirements, such as a box top or label, and mail it away with the fully-filled form before the expiration date. Once you get a flow going, you may collect several small checks in the mail every week. Endorse them, pop them into your bank account, and watch those minuscule payments add up.

Small steps to big savings

Even if you don’t have time to be an “extreme couponer,” you can still save a lot of loot at the grocery store checkout, if you follow a few savvy tips. When you find a super-low store price on a non-perishable family staple, stock up on at least three month’s worth of the products. Some items can be stored in the freezer for even longer shelf life, remind finance pros at Kiplinger magazine.

Turn your collections into cash, and don’t wait forever to do it. Sure, your Beanie Babies are cute, but do you really need them? Sell them on Craigslist or at a garage sale, or put them into a consignment shop that specializes in collectibles. If you’re like a lot of people, you started collecting as an investment. Make that investment pay off now, and tuck the proceeds into an interest-bearing savings account.


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