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Had A Career Break? Here’s How To Get Back Into Work

26 July 2017 No Comment

There are many reasons why people choose to take career breaks. It may have been a positive choice because you wanted to spend some time traveling or raising a young family. On the other hand, it may have been forced upon you by ill-health, bereavement or redundancy. Whatever the reasons for your break from work, there can be several barriers to you rejoining the workforce.

The top concerns are often a lack of confidence and worries about how your new career will impact other members of your family. If you have had an extended period away from work, here are some ideas on how you can ease yourself back into working life without too much stress.

Preparing yourself for returning to work

It is likely that a lack of confidence will be your biggest enemy. You know that you will be competing for jobs against candidates who have not had a career break and are more highly qualified than you are. This can make you doubt your abilities.

You may also be having second thoughts about the industry that you were working in. Perhaps you have thoroughly enjoyed caring for young children whilst you were on your career break and you now realize that you have a talent in this area. You change a lot as you get older and it is possible that you are more worried about pursuing your passion than earning a huge amount of money. Perhaps it is time for a career break and some training.

There are plenty of courses that you can choose from online and that you can study in your own time. If you take an online ECE course you will learn all about how to create healthy environments that both encourage and stimulate children during their developmental years. You will gain knowledge in your new field and improve your confidence at the same time. Once you have finished studying you will be ready to start applying for jobs.

Minimizing the impact on your family

Everyone in your household is going to see a difference when you return to work so it is important that you make some preparations. Taking a course like the above online qualification can help a lot. Your focus will be moved away from the household and it will ease everyone gently into the new set up.

It is important that you discuss how the household chores will be managed as this can cause a lot of arguments. It may help if you jot down a list of all the chores that have to be done and then allocate them to family members. Older children can help out with many chores and you could even pay your older kids to do them or to look after the younger children. The other option is to buy in some help such as a cleaner or a gardener but this can prove to be costly.

Cooking is made a lot easier if you batch cook meals at the weekend and freeze them for use during the week. Don’t forget that you will need to arrange suitable child care for younger children.

Getting the job that you want

Don’t let your lack of confidence become obvious in your CV. You do not have to apologize for your career break or even draw attention to it.

It is not wise to write CAREER BREAK in bold font in your CV to highlight the lack of continuity in your employment. Instead, put together a skills-based CV.  This is where you list all of the skills that you can offer and the experience that you have but it is not in chronological order.

The best plan for sending out your CV is to target specific jobs and tailor your CV accordingly. It is recommended that you try for a maximum of three jobs at a time. If you do not get one of the jobs, ask for feedback on how you could improve and learn from the experience.

Use your social contacts to find out where there are vacancies. You can learn a lot from conversations in a queue at the store or in the park.

Find a career that suits you

There is little point in returning to a career that you hate. Choose a job that will suit your family circumstances and commitments. Would it help if you could work from home for part of the week? Could you have some flexible working arrangements or just work during school term times? This would make the pressures on your family easier and make your return to work a lot more pleasant!

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