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Boost Your Startup With Essential Tech that Won’t Break the Bank

11 August 2017 No Comment

Getting a startup off the ground is not easy. However, keeping that startup alive past the first year is even harder. Forbes estimates that 9 out of 10 startups eventually fail, meaning that you’ll have to do everything exactly right in order to succeed.

One important aspect that can improve your outlook is the technology you’re using. By investing in quality devices and set-ups, you’ll be able to boost your business without depleting your financial resources.

Smartphones from T-Mobile

Making sure that you and your employees have instant access to the internet and email at all times is essential. You wouldn’t want to miss out on important customer emails or server outage alerts. Stay prepared for whatever the world throws at you with a smartphone from T-Mobile.

Not only are plans from T-Mobile affordable, but many also come with unlimited talk, text, data and international calling. Plus, you’ll be able to choose from the latest models on the market, all of which are packed with high-tech features. Choose from phones like the iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy 8 and the Samsung Galaxy 7, all of which were rated by Tech World as the best phones for entrepreneurs.

Software for Managing Your Business

As the head of your startup, you’ll have to wear a lot of hats. For a while, you’ll probably be the head of HR, accountant, and social media manager all at the same time. Simplify these tasks by investing in some software to make them easier.

Finances are one area you can’t afford to mess around with, so make sure you’re using a quality accounting software like FreshBooks, Xero or FreeAgent. You’ll also want to ensure project success, so using managers like Buwejee or Basecamp are a good way to track deadlines and organize content. If you’re involved in sales, definitely take a look at Nutshell and Capsule CRM for tracking customer relationship management.

Cloud Services for Data Storage

Unless your company involves a lot of data storage and transfer, investing in cloud services is the way to go. In fact, a poll of 1,200 small business conducted by CDW found that organizations who used the cloud had decreased costs, better efficiency and more innovation overall. Sticking with the cloud will also eliminate many IT costs to save you more money each month.

There are plenty of cloud services out there to meet your needs, the primary of which are Microsoft, Amazon, and Rackspace. Consider the options of each before making your selection. Keep in mind that it costs about $100 per user per month to use the cloud, so in some cases, buying your own dedicated server can be cheaper.

Desktops or Laptops

Without a quality computer, you’ll be unable to do much for your business. A computer is your primary means of accessing the internet, reaching out to customers and marketing your company. If you’re looking into desktops, PC Magazine rated the Apple iMac as the best choice, followed by a Windows option called the Dell OptiPlex 24 7000. For laptops, consider the powerful Apple MacBook Pro or the HP Chromebook 13.

Once you make these initial investments in tech, your costs should start to decrease. To save some money, buy new equipment on a monthly basis so you aren’t faced with one giant bill, to begin with. Before long, you’ll see your cash flow increase so much that affording these technologies will no longer be a problem.


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