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Advantages of Running Your Company in Singapore

13 September 2017 No Comment

Did you know that according to surveys done by the World Bank Singapore is the easiest place in the world to run a company?

There are many reasons why Singapore is so suitable to run a company. It has extremely low taxes, streamlined and effective business regulations, different types of business entities, good governmental support, and simple and easy company formation procedure.

Another reason why Singapore is so favored by different business entities is its strategic location. Singapore, as you may know, is located right at the center of Asia-Pacific, making it a very attractive place to do business. Additionally, Singapore has an abundance of intelligent manpower, which helps entrepreneurs setup and run successful companies. Furthermore, the country has cross-cultural mentality, which is so helpful in today’s global business environment.

Incorporation here is a simple, brief, and easy procedure of business registration with ACRA, followed by practical strategizing of tax planning, paperwork, and staff relocation within an available business entity.

It is possible to incorporate a new company within 24 hours with just 1 SGD. The Singapore government is well-known for its hundred percent pro-business position, and the best part is that the government not only talks the talk, but more importantly walks the walk. And the result is there to see and appreciate.

The procedure of forming a Singapore company is completely streamlined and modern. You will not encounter any red tape or corruption when you start the procedure of forming your Singapore offshore company.

Nevertheless, there are many factors that must be considered while forming a Singapore company. Although the procedure is simple, slapdash work will complicate matters. Precisely for this reason, it is recommended to get in touch with experts, who will provide you with pro advice and competent assistance.

Tips for finding expert help

When looking for a Company expert in immigration, recruitment, and incorporation in Singapore, there are a few pointers you must keep in mind. These are:

  1.    Check the experience – Experienced companies are likely to know how to handle all kinds of situations and thus are better equipped to guide you.
  2.    Testimonials –Check the feedback and testimonials of the previous clients. If nearly all or most clients have positive things to say about the provider, it is extremely likely that you too will get top-notch service.
  3.    Tailor-made solutions – Does the provider offer only a one-size-fits-all solution? If yes, it is best you pass it for some other company that offers customized solutions to its clients.
  4.    Range of solutions – While now you need help with company formation, it is possible that in the future you might want guidance on other matters too, like recruitment or immigration. You want to align with a company that offers a full range of services, so that you can get all the help you need from one provider.

Different Companies in Singapore

You can form different companies in Singapore, like Private Ltd. Company, Public Ltd. Company, Subsidiary, Sole Proprietorship, Representative Office, and Branch Office, among others.

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