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What Is Big Data And How Can It Get You A Job?

20 September 2017 No Comment

Before you understand the importance of big data, you need to know what it is. Big data refers to large sets of data that are too big and complex to be analyzed using traditional methods. Big data is usually described using the three V’s. The first is volume, this refers to the huge amounts of data that businesses collect about sales, social media, and customer profiles. New technologies have made it far easier to store these massive amounts of data, giving you the opportunity to analyze it and use the results to improve your business. The second V is velocity which focuses on the real-time data that a company has to deal with on an immediate basis. Finally, you have variety which refers to the different formats that the data comes in. Now you know what big data is, how exactly will it help you get a job?

Understanding The Markets

Knowing the market is key to increasing sales. Businesses already have access to all of the data that they need, but without the right tools, they won’t be able to understand its significance. That’s where you come in. Studying to become a Master of Data Science will give you the tools to analyze that data and paint a clear picture of the current state of the market. This is invaluable to businesses, because without that expertise, they are just going on their best interpretations, without any solid factual data to back it up. You’ll be able to find work in sales and marketing departments in any industry that you choose.

Customer Motivations

As well as knowing the general market trends, businesses need to understand the personal motivations of their customers. Analyzing big data can help you to build far more detailed customer profiles. This is a valuable skill to have if you’re looking for jobs in marketing, particularly when it comes to social media. Sifting through all of that data will give you better insight into exactly which posts they are responding well to, and which ones they aren’t. This will help you to streamline the social media campaigns that you’re working on so every single post that you’re making has value.

Cost Cutting

Cutting their operating costs is a huge priority for business, and somebody that is an expert at analysing big data can help them to do this. Setting up big data tools that analyze the information in real time can free up the time of IT staff that would normally be doing it manually. That means they may be able to cut back on the number of IT staff that they’re paying. Big data analysis can also help companies to identify any inconsistencies in their procedures and streamline the business. Trying to go over all of that data manually is simply not possible in a lot of cases but with big data tools, it’s easy.

Big data is a fairly new innovation, but it is becoming an increasingly important part of all businesses. Getting in on the ground floor will set you up with countless job opportunities.

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