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How to Save While Driving Your Car

21 September 2017 No Comment

Here in the United States, we love driving and we love our cars. But despite the love affair that Americans have with the automobile, cars aren’t cheap. Aside from the monthly payments that most drivers must make until either their lease expires or their car is completely paid off, there’s the likes of annual registration renewals, gas, mileage calculators and cars with the best mileage, insurance, parking fees and maintenance that must be considered. Yeah, cars are great – but they’re a bit of a money pit too. Here’s a look at some tips for how to save on the total cost of ownership on your car.

Saving While Driving

1. Bundle insurances: There are a variety of ways to save on your auto insurance, but one of the easiest ways is to bundle your auto policy with any other policies you hold (i.e., homeowners, renters, watercraft, motorcycle, etc.). Keeping all your insurance policies with the same company will almost always yield some sort of discount, so it makes sense to do this. On a side note, shopping around different insurance providers when it’s time for you to renew can also possibly present a savings.

2. Stay accident free and drive safe: Here’s another money saving tip that must do with insurance: If you want to save money on insurance, be a great driver. Your insurance is likely to increase when you’re deemed to be at-risk. So, if you’re in accidents and regularly get citations, your insurance is likely to go up. If you stay safe and accident- and ticket-free, it’s likely to either stay consistent or decrease. Driving safely and avoiding slamming on the brakes and fast starts can also help with fuel economy. You could also invest in a rear-view camera system to avoid any accidents and keep your insurance happy if you do ever have a road collision.

3. Shop for gas deals: We recommend downloading the GasBuddy mobile app, which tracks fuel prices in your area. This enables you to select the station that’s offering the best deal in your area. A savings of 10 cents a gallon is the difference of $1.50 on a 15-gallon tank, but if you consistently get into the habit of seeking out affordable gas, the savings can certainly add up over the course of a year.

4. Take and pass an approved defensive driving course: Here’s another one that can help reduce your auto insurance: pass a defensive driving course. These courses are designed to offer refreshers on safe and lawful driving, and many insurance companies will appreciate when people are proactive about safe driving and offer discounts for successful completion.

5. Keep up on regular maintenance: Yes, it’s no fun to budget for regular maintenance. But take it from us, the alternative is much worse. The most important thing you can do is keep up on your oil changes and tire rotations to ensure your vehicle’s engine keeps running great and that the tires aren’t prematurely wearing. Many maintenance tasks can also help with your vehicle’s fuel economy, which translates to a savings at the pump. For instance, just simply changing out a dirty air filter for a clean one can help with fuel economy. You can even learn to do some of this maintenance – such as rotating your tires or oil changes – yourself, thereby saving you even more money in the long run.

Check your tires regularly: You should always be checking the air pressure in your tires to ensure that the levels are to the manufacturer’s recommendations. An under inflated tire can cause the engine to work harder, which translates to poor fuel economy (not to mention accelerated tire wear). Be sure to check your tires more often in the cool weather months, when Mother Nature is often responsible for decreasing psi levels.

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