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11 Ways to Simplify Business Tasks

28 September 2017 No Comment

Complex, monotonous tasks can slow down productivity and, as a result, business growth. It is therefore essential to look for different ways to improve processes and increase efficiency, which will yield greater results for your company. To do so, read the 11 ways you can simplify business tasks.

  1. Online Invoicing

Does your business spend a considerable amount of time creating invoices manually? Utilize one of the many online invoicing tools that allow you to generate multiple invoices, which you can send to an employee’s email account.

  1. Use a Cloud Solution

If you are yet to take advantage of a cloud solution then now is the time. Storing your files on the cloud will not only provide a reliable backup of your sensitive business documents, but it will also allow you to gain access to the files from any location at any time, as long as you have an internet connection. Cloud solutions are also a safe and secure option in comparison to storing important documents on a computer or external drive, and you can quickly share and edit the documents online to improve efficiency and collaboration.

  1. Create Business Templates

Don’t become tied up in paperwork by creating business templates that you can use on a regular basis. Rather than creating individual documents each time, you can simply edit the template to suit your business needs, which is ideal for business proposals, employee or client contracts, emails and sales documents. Also, save the documents to the cloud to provide a backup of the files and share them directly with a client, business partner or employee.

  1. Automate Tasks

Marketing automation allows you to take full control of every marketing campaign. Stop wasting time with manual strategies that will require a significant amount of effort, and instead turn to innovative software that can help to eliminate repetitive tasks from your employees’ schedules. The tool not only helps to find and engage with a target audience, but allows you to schedule a welcome email, wish a subscriber a happy birthday and notify a customer if an order is on its way to their address. Also, as they will run in the background, your employees can focus their time and attention on other areas of the business.

  1. Outsource Tasks

Do you not have the time or resources to complete tasks and projects? Take the burden away from the business and employees and start outsourcing. This will allow your company to benefit from a freelancer’s talent and experience. What’s more, as you will only pay for the completion of a task or project, your business will not have to commit to a weekly or monthly salary. So, whether you need to develop a new company logo, create fresh, insightful content or transform your website, you should consider outsourcing tasks to experienced freelancers.

  1. Complete Tedious Tasks

Many business owners make the big mistake of avoiding tedious tasks until they are necessary to complete, such as invoicing clients or updating passwords. Unfortunately, this can result in projects piling up over time, which can cause a business to fall behind. It is therefore more productive to complete the small tasks as soon as possible. We suggest setting a calendar reminder each day to complete the tasks to prevent them from stacking up.

  1. Improve Your Payment Methods

Customers no longer want to pay for products or services through cash or checks. You must therefore simplify and modernize your operations by embracing electronic payment methods; otherwise, you could miss out on a great sales opportunity. Ensure the payment process is quick and easy for your customers by introducing mobile payments into your retail store, or allow your clients to pay invoices online to a service-business. Not only will it improve customer satisfaction, but your business will be paid faster.

  1. Improve Communication

A lack of communication can cost your business a substantial amount of money each year. In fact, it is believed companies with 100 employees or more will lose an estimated $420,000 per year due to miscommunication. Each time your employee passes on incorrect information, sends a confusing email or fails to answer the phone, your business will unfortunately lose money.

Encourage your employees to improve their communication skills by identifying the correct information, answering every email or message, and proofreading every message they send to a client, co-worker or customer.

  1. Start Single-Tasking

Multitasking is not the key to business efficiency. If you want to create a productive, profitable company, you must start single-tasking. Unfortunately, juggling multiple tasks at once will divide your attention, so you can never complete each project to the best of your ability. What’s more, it will waste a considerable amount of time. Stop trying to do it all and start focusing on one task at a time, so you can focus on completing each job to the highest standard. Once complete, tick it off your list and move onto the next task.

  1. Shorten Your Business Emails

Do you spend most of your days writing lengthy emails to different people across the company? If so, strive to shorten your emails to no more than five sentences long – any shorter will look rude. Provide a friendly greeting, respond to a message and add a polite closing. Longer emails will encourage back and forth emails that can eat away at your time.

  1. Learn to Say No

All those small requests can also decrease your productivity levels. You must therefore learn to say no to employees who suddenly ask for a few minutes of your time. In some cases, you may have to turn down a project, instead of attempting to work it into your busy schedule; otherwise, you may produce more quantity than quality. Achieve your business goals by answering people with a polite yet firm “no”.

Have you got any helpful tips for simplifying business tasks? Please feel free to share your tips and stories in the comment area located below.

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