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How Global Procurement of Gifts and Rewards Can Be Made Seamless

9 October 2017 No Comment

Online rewards and e-gifts have garnered increasing popularity in the past few years. The cloud-based rewards management actually saves time and operational hassles, making lives of the stakeholders much easier. Reward companies offer global procurement, but to ensure an efficient system to accommodate seamless procurement still remains a challenge.

Although some reward companies are proud of their large warehouses and their ability to deliver merchandise to various worldwide destinations, the process still isn’t as efficient as it should be. There isn’t much sense in storing large number of items that will inevitably gather dust in large warehouse, when you can efficiently deliver and procure rewards within each country.

The idea of central warehousing might make sense at first, but the challenges that come in relation to global delivery are massive. The high costs of warehousing and global delivery translate into high expenses for the clients, which may be too much for them to sustain for long-term.

Global Rewards Solution (GRS) is one company that has cracked the code for far more efficient global procurement. Its parent company, Carlton Group, has built huge international presence over the years that have assisted in establishing GRS as one of the leading reward companies on a global level.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that play an important role in ensuring seamless global procurement of rewards.

In-Country Sourcing

Local and global fulfillment for most of the reward companies continues to be a big challenge. Not every reward management company is able to offer a reliable network of local rewards on international basis. The companies, which have succeeded in overcoming the challenges, have been able to do it through in-country sourcing. The local sourcing of gifts and rewards has opened the possibility of shipping relevant product to the participants right from within their own country.

Regularly Updated Inventory

With the option of in-country sourcing, comes a responsibility of ensuring just-in-time and accurate inventory. With increasing demands of rewards and gifts in a local setup, there will be a need to keep the stock fully loaded and ready to be delivered without any delays. Therefore, for effective global procurement, it is essential that inventory is updated regularly.

Customized Rewards

People generally appreciate and value the rewards that they receivelocally. These rewards may include highly desirable items that hold great value in their specific market. Even the countries regard local sourcing highly as it helps their economy. When rewards are customized to contain a regional appeal, they instantly become more valuable and attractive for the participants. This ensures long-term relationship of the clients and program participants with the global rewards providers, helping the business evolve speedily and in the right direction.

Local and customized rewards do have valuable benefits but good reward providers extend their services to contain millions of other rewards including vacations, international merchandise, gift cards, games, movies, digital music, experiences, event tickets and much more.

Efficient global procurement of rewards and gifts does not have to be filled with challenges, if certain measures are taken by the providers to establish a faultless system, as discussed above.

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