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Ways to Feel More in Control of Your Finances

9 October 2017 No Comment

If you feel controlled by your finances, life can seem like a continuous battle. The reality is, we all need a certain amount of money to survive, but there are things you can do to feel more liberated. Take a look at the tips below and try to incorporate them into your life for more financial freedom:

Consolidate your debt

Are you continuously worrying about how much money you owe? If so, you might want to think about credit card consolidation, as this will help you to take stock of your debt. By transferring your outgoings from one card to another with a lower interest rate, you could improve your credit rating and get back in the black quickly. Not only will this put your mind at ease, but it should stop final notice bills landing at your door on a regular basis.

Look into freelance work

Working nine to five from Monday to Friday can be rather restricting, so why not look into freelance work? If there’s something you love to do, like copy writing or web development, make the most of your skills and build up your own business on the side. You never know, it could be a great success and you might be able to take it up full time. Doing something you’re passionate about full time, will certainly ease the strain, so it’s worth thinking about.

Take up a second job

If you’re living from pay cheque to pay cheque, you might feel like you never have enough money to do anything fun. If this is the case, finding a second source of income could greatly improve your way of life. While this might mean working more hours, you’re sure to have more cash to spend on your days off. To make the long hours more bearable, try to hold down two completely different jobs (like office work in the day and a bar job at night), as this will add plenty of variation to your day.


Make the most of internet banking

Sitting on the computer analysing your finances, might not seem like the best route to financial freedom, but there are many benefits to internet banking. If you’re always thinking about how much is in your account or running to a cash machine, a quick look online will help you stay in control. You can manage your incomings and outgoings with just a few clicks of a button and can transfer money from one person to another without having to queue at the bank.

These days, it’s easy to apply for a card online and to seek financial help when you need it, so don’t let money matters get you down.

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