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The Three Rules To Starting A Business When You Know Nothing About The Industry

21 November 2017 No Comment

Some entrepreneurs may think of starting a business with nothing but a good idea and a dream as foolhardy. But, we have seen people aim for the stars and succeed in doing so. Think about people like Richard Branson, Elon Musk, or Tony Robbins, these people had ideas, but not necessarily the knowledge in which to back it up. And so, the same can be applied to yourself, do you have a great idea for a business, but not the necessary knowledge in which to realize it? So, here are the rules when it comes to starting up a company when you have nothing but a dream!

Rule One: Be A People Person

If you know nothing about your chosen industry, you’d better be sure you know how to make friends! To get your business up and running, you are going to be leaning very heavily on people who have the necessary knowledge. And this is where you will benefit from that one evasive skill, networking! Prime your skills in networking, relating to people and listening to people, and you will have a toolbox for life. And remember, people know when you have an ulterior motive, so it’s not just about listening to people so you can steal their idea, it’s about forging relationships so you can give them what they want, and they can give you what you want.

Rule Two: Know Your Resources

In other words, research! While you may not have the necessary skills, you need to know the people who do. As is the old adage, if you don’t know how to build a house, build one. In doing this, you will learn what works and what doesn’t. But also, you will learn very quickly what you need to help you. And when it comes to running a business, many start-up entrepreneurs have had precarious beginnings. So do your research, and there are resources you can use that are cheap, if not free, to use. There are online resources like www.websitebuilders.com, it’s pertinent information on how to build a website, and if you’ve never done one before, this is one of the most fundamental tools in building up any business, so it’s vital you know at least the basics. Resources and research are the two R’s you will always need, so sharpen these skills.

Rule Three: Know Your Strengths

Even if you feel you know nothing about your chosen industry, you still have skills that you can put to use. One of the most valuable skills and entrepreneur has is how to best utilize their strengths, and this just doesn’t apply to you, this applies to the people you hire, your clients, and every minuscule part of the business. The one sure fire way for a business to go under is if its leader is not focusing on the bigger picture, and it can be hard. But there are many ways to reset your brain in this manner, have a look at www.fastcompany.com to get a better idea of how to get the ball rolling. In many ways, it’s like playing a game of chess, there are so many different moving parts, but they all need to work individually as well as together, to get to the finish line. So know your strengths, and know the strengths of everybody on your side.

Passion is the one overriding emotion in realizing a business and getting it to fly, and if your passion is big enough, these three rules will be easy to follow. If not, you will run into problems. Limited knowledge is not an obstacle, you are.


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