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Best Free Software of 2017

4 December 2017 No Comment

Software is a tool meant to make life easier and many people rely on these tools to run businesses and manage tasks. If you are the kind of person with a constrained budget but would like to still perform some tasks using software, there are many solutions you could pursue without the need to spend anything. Indeed, software can be expensive when you are using it for recurring tasks, so the only other option you have that could help you to save money is looking for cheap or free software that can help you accomplish the same tasks. If you are in need of free software that will help you save some money, here are few you could try that are useful.

BitDefender Free Edition antivirus

The BitDefender antivirus also gives you a free edition that can serve as a way to protect your files and machine from intrusion. The software is easy to use and provides excellent detection rates. Although you might think the free edition is not fully equipped to protect you, it comes with various tools that enhance protection to ensure your PC does not get exposed to the risk of virus and malware attacks. It not only offers a detection mechanism, but also works well to eliminate any threats immediately they appear.


Do you have some photo editing tasks and you are worried you might not get a good photo editor that is free? Worry no more as the GIMP free editor provides you a solution that is reliable. It comes with all the editing tools you might require to accomplish your tasks including a healing brush, clone stamp, smart selections, transformations, and many filters. Additionally, it has many superb user-friendly plugins that you could add to make your editing experience advanced.


This is software that comes packed with tools that allow efficient and fast search for videos and TV streaming channels. It offers a free torrent client that comes with everything you might require to enjoy quick and secure downloads. One of the features you could embrace on this platform is the automatic prioritization of torrents, and it offers IP filtering too. This is one of the easiest torrents you will find around that is also powerful and freely available to users. It is an alternative to Freemake, which also provides a good streaming solution.


The internet has advanced and now marketers are able to take advantage of video marketing. When you have to edit some clips, it is not necessary that you pay for editing software as there are free software that can do the job and give a satisfaction rate similar to what you get with other advanced software. One that will work perfectly well in this case is Lightworks, which comes as an ideal solution when you have videos you would like to edit, either for professional purposes or to just practice.

Don’t be worried about buying software if you have some tasks to accomplish. It could save you a lot of money to search for freely available software that is designed to allow you perform the same tasks seamlessly.

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