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3 Creative Ways to Boost Your Income

5 December 2017 No Comment

If you are a creative person and you love all aspects of art and design, there are lots of ways you can pursue your passion and make a little bit of extra money on the side. With a website to promote your wares, you can sell as much or as little as you want and see the profits start coming in.

Like any business, you will need to be able to ensure that everything you find or make can be sold at a profit before you do. However, as you are already interested and may see this as a simple hobby, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to profit hugely. A little bit extra here and there will always be a good addition to  your emergency fund.

Setting Up Your Ecommerce Website

The first thing you should do is set up an online store. Here you will be able to list any items you wish to sell, the quantity you have on offer and how much it costs. Make sure you take a few pictures of everything that you intend to sell and put them on the website so that any prospective customer will be able to see exactly what it is.

The reason that an online store is so good is that you will be able to sell across the country (if not around the world) to a wide audience of people. This means that if your designs are particularly quirky you are more likely to find people who enjoy what you produce. However, do remember that you need to price your postage and packing accurately – otherwise you could end up wasting all your profit on the transportation of your goods!

So now that your website is set up, what are you going to sell and where are you going to find the best items to make a profit?

Find Bargains and Sell Them On

One of the easiest ways to turn a profit is to find things that are being sold at a low price and then sell them on at a slightly higher price. You might need to put in a little bit of care and attention first, but these things are fairly self explanatory.

Estate sales, yard sales and garage sales can all be great places to hunt down a deal and local flea markets will be great hunting grounds too. All of the items available here will be second hand and usually being sold on the cheap side – perfect for selling on. And don’t forget you can haggle here too!

Estate sales can take some getting used to as the situation surrounding each one is usually unfortunate. How estate sales work depends on the type of property but usually it is an open day where you can walk around the estate and pick things up while you are there. As an estate sale is usually the liquidation of the entire estate you can usually collect excellent bargains here on all sorts of different items.

Upcycle Old Furniture to Make It New

Though there are lots of things on offer that will be amazing deals, if you are creative and have time to spend, finding things that are a little worse for wear and upcycling them is a great way to turn a profit and make something new. The most obvious candidates for this method are things like chairs, tables and larger items like sofas or chests of drawers.

Upcycling is usually about stripping back a piece of furniture to its frame and then reimagining how it could look. For a sofa this would mean removing and replacing any pillows and re-upholstering the fabric to make it comfier and more beautiful. For a chest of drawers, this might mean sanding off any varnish or paint before repainting and replacing old and broken handles.

Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself and if you have the creative flair there is no reason that some old wine glasses couldn’t make an intriguing chandelier or some old tables and shelves couldn’t make a quirky book case. Your imagination is key and if you have the talent, don’t be held back by convention. People are always looking for something completely new and unique they can show off in their own homes and so even if it takes a while to sell, there will always be someone who wants what you can make.  

Offer Bespoke or Personalized Artworks

On the theme of new and unique, another great way to turn a profit is to offer personalization services. This might be as simple as producing someone’s favourite poem with an old typewriter and then placing it into a beautiful frame, or it could be more specific like being sent a photo to draw or paint.

Again, this is about recognising that you have a talent and then utilizing it to make some money on the side. For this idea, you wouldn’t even necessarily need to go in pursuit of amazing bargains, you could buy bulk t-shirts or mugs and offer personalized designs to be printed on these.

However, make sure that you are completely clear about the bespoke services you offer and be clear about the pricing too. As you are only doing this in your spare time, you need to make sure that your customers understand how long it will take you to produce and exactly what you are willing to do for their budget. Clarity is key to a happy relationship between any business and customer.

So you see that your creative passion is a great way to make yourself a little bit of extra income without feeling like you are taking on a second job. In fact, having this kind of business might give you the green light you needed to explore your passion further and invest in some tools to make it happen.

Don’t forget though, make use of social media and sites like Pintrest to get your designs out there. Instagram is an ideal space for showing people your creations and promoting your wares too. Take bold and interesting pictures and you will gradually gain followers and from there, prospective customers should start to appear.

Have fun!

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