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Beefing Up Your CV

19 December 2017 No Comment

You could be the most amazing person for the job, but your potential employer isn’t going to see that without your CV telling them the same thing. There are so many people out there that could be the perfect match for a role, but they haven’t spent enough time working on their CV and so are completely overlooked. In this day and age, you need to be doing all you can to beef up your CV and get one step, your an entire staircase, ahead of your competition. The role might not need a master’s degree, or fifteen years experience creating with lego, but you have to think that all your competitors have that on their applications – so what is it about yours that is going to make it stand out?


Let’s start with the way it looks. A CV doesn’t have to be black and white and a bunch of bullet points. In fact, it’s quite refreshing to see some colour on the page. However, you do need to judge where you are applying for; if it’s a creative role then colour is a great idea if it’s for a serious role, then best not. Keep everything clear and concise, use bullet points to expand on points, and don’t explain a skill over the length of a sentence. Make sure that everything you pop in there is completely up to date. If you have a new phone number, then make sure you change it. The same as if you have new responsibilities at work or have joined a new group.


Also known as a personal statement. This is a short paragraph introducing who you are, why this role interests you and what you aspire to do. You don’t need to go into too much detail here as your cover letter will be saying the same things with space from explanations.


What work experience do you have? This area is just for the jobs you have been paid to do, if you have volunteered, then that comes later. When listing your jobs, put the skills and responsibilities that are the most relevant to this new role at the top of the list. This way they are they first things that your potential employer sees and it will stick in their minds. Keep it concise, but don’t leave anything out – any gaps in employment can be held against you if there isn’t a good explanation.


If you want to stand out from the other applicants, then this is an area that you can really use to your advantage. Volunteering shows care, teamwork, initiative, and a demonstration of skills that might be needed in this role. If you’re applying for a welding job, then volunteering to help build the local park is a massive tick in your favour.


Education is a big one. So many people have degrees now, and people are earning their masters is steadily on the rise. However, not everyone goes to university; there are many paths that can lead to the same place. If you did want to boost your education, you can look into online courses like the online MSC international finance course to get you into a financial role. Plus, a lot of companies offer extra training if they want you on board.


Always have a list of your key skills. If you are proficient with web-building, a good team player, have good time management and can work to deadlines – these are all things that will go in your favour. Any skill you have would be listed and organised with the most relevant to the role at the top of the list.

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