Case Study #2: The Case Flowing Website That Requires No Upkeep

Case study #1 goes through how I make $2,000 with my blog. This one is completely different. It makes less money but requires less work, in fact, no work!

In this case study, I will outline a strategy that I have put in place to create websites that can make a few hundred bucks a month or more and require zero maintenance. Not only will I outline the strategy, but I'll show you the website itself that I built and that generates money for me. This is the only place I give away actual URLs of my sites that make money like this. Very valuable information indeed.

The best part is that this is an easily duplicated process. You can build five of these sites, or ten of them, or 100 of them. You can build a portfolio of these and make a fulltime living from the passive income they generate.

Table of Contents

The case study is four pages of details broken down as follows:

1. Background: The idea for the site

2. Strategy: The strategy that this website uses

3. Traffic versus passive income

4. How long it took to get to a point where no more maintenanec was required

5. Monetizing this type of website

6. Building multiple websites

Bottom Line

The bottom line is if your goal is to become a web entrepreneur and build a portfolio of websites that cash flow, this is a mandatory read. Kickstart your online income process today. Good luck!