Case Study #3: The High Traffic Website

This case study documents the process I used to create a website that within six months was bringing in over 300,000 visits a month and half a million page views.

How is this different from the other case studies? The high traffic website is focused on generating high traffic and building a big time web site. This is more than a blog, and our goals and strategies are very different than that of a regular blog.

Table of Contents

The case study is four pages of details broken down as follows:

1. Background of the example website

2. Goals of a high traffic website

3. Pre-requisites of a high traffic website

4. Getting started with traffic

5. How to build more than a website, how to build a brand

6. Monetizing a high traffic website - very different than monetizing a regular blog

7. End game - cashing in on your massive web presence

Bottom Line

If your goal is to build a massive web presence with hundreds of thousands of visitors every month, this is the case study for you. The strategies in this case study will help you with any type of website but especially a high traffic site. Good luck!