Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Am I guaranteed to make money online by reading these case studies?

Nothing is guaranteed. I did my best in providing the details of the process I used to build profitable websites and online income streams. My goal was to write these case studies in a way that was easy to understand so that you could duplicate what I have done as quickly and as easily as possible. Making several thousand dollars per month from the internet isn't easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it successfully. It requires knowing what to do (these case studies help with that), it requires hard work, and it requires staying at it for longer than a few weeks or maybe even months. Simply put, these case studies will provide you with the road map. You'll have to do the rest.

2. Why are you selling the case studies?

I give away sensitive information in these case studies. I give away specific URLs of my sites that are positioned in specific niches. This isn't information I want the masses to have. By charging a price for it, I limit the audience and make sure the people reading the case studies are serious about pursuing online income.

3. Which case study should I buy?

That depends on your goals. Read the three descriptions thoroughly and decide which one is best for you with regard to what kind of site you're trying to build. I'd encourage you to buy all three case studies at the discounted package rate since you can leverage strategies and ideas from all three to build your own strategy.

4. Will you be coming out with more case studies?

Probably. I'm an active internet entrepreneur. If you buy all three, let me know, and I'll give you all future case studies for free.

5. How much money can I really make online?

Again that depends on your niche, your work ethic, your skills, etc. I have outlined in each of these case studies how much money I make from each site and from what sources. You can use that information to help determine the income potential for your idea. I know people that make a full-time living off of a handful of websites so big things are possible.

6. What do you do with all the money you make from your websites?

I'm a financial nerd, so I save and invest it. My goal is to become financially free by building a portfolio of online income streams and cash-flowing investments. I'm several years into the journey and getting closer to this reality every day. Depending on your financial situation, you can use the money to pay off debt, build your savings, buy a house, whatever. The opportunities are limitless.