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First-Time Home Buyers

Current real estate trends show that property sales are on the rise, and many first-time home buyers are actively looking for that perfect house to call home. Interest rates remain at an all-time low, and new buyers are taking advantage of them in record numbers.
According to real estate market studies and trends, overall sales are up at least two percent since 2013. Real estate statistics also show that 30 percent of those sales belong to first-time home buyers who are eager to get into a place they can call their …

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Subject Lines that Guarantee Your Email Will Be Opened

Are you tired of your emails going unread? Take action and get them noticed. With these 10 subject lines, recipients are more likely to open an email and read your message.

Put the Details First

Journalists have long warned against burying the lead. They know that putting the main idea first increases the likelihood that your readers will keep reading. Consider the typical “you’re invited” email. Compare that to “Party – My House – Sat. at 8 p.m.” Which are you tempted to read?

Lead with a Question

Subject lines with questions …

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The Business of Personality

Starting a business can be an exciting and challenging task. While many have visions of what they would like to achieve, the getting there can be where things can go astray. Having the determination alone may not be enough if you lack a sound business plan. With you business plan, you also need to encompass quality personality traits in order to set yourself up for success.
So you have done your homework and thought out a business you would like to pursuit, have invested countless hours researching and are motivated to …

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Investing 101 – A Mini Guide

Before you get started in investing, there are some terms and strategies you need to understand so that you can avoid some common mistakes. First of all, you need to understand that making money from investments comes directly from the amount of risk you take. If you aren’t a risk-taker, then some forms of investing aren’t for you.
There are low-risk investments that the average individual can partake in without feeling the pressure of higher-risk investment.  These low-risk investments, such as bonds, certificates of deposit and savings accounts pay off relatively …

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Three Financial Truths you need to Know Now

Your financial health directly impacts your quality of life. Taking charge of your finances will give you more freedom and less stress. If you are struggling with your money or you are just starting out on your own, there are a few things you need to know now that will change the way you look at money.
Enjoy these great tips by LowIncomeFinancialHelp.com, getting on top of your finances is easy with the right resource and mind set.
Your kids learn their money habits from you
Most schools don’t offer a course in …

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Holiday Spending on a Budget

When you are living on a low fixed income, the holidays can feel overwhelming. If you have lots of family and friends, you may feel like you need to spoil them. After all, giving is a very satisfying and humbling feeling.  But, if your budget is tight, the holidays can be a stressful time with regards to finances. It doesn’t have to be – Instead, consider a few alternative ideas to help reduce expensive holiday spending and any stress that may come with it.
Here are a few gift ideas from …

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The 3 Most Common Types of Data Breaches — And How to Prevent Them

Whenever we hear the term “data breach,” most of us automatically envision hackers breaking into secure databases from some shady underworld location and downloading reams of data that they then use for some nefarious purpose.
While that is certainly one type of data breach, there are actually several different ways that data can be compromised, all of which can be equally devastating to victims. It’s important for businesses to understand these different types of breaches to protect against them. After all, in one recent high-profile breach, experts claimed that part of …

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How to Find the Right Auto Insurance

There are countless stories swirling around the Web detailing horrifying encounters with car insurance companies. Heart-wrenching tales of injury and loss followed by insensitive insurers who refuse to pay out make any car buyer nervous about the whole ordeal.
However, owning an insurance plan is essential to safely and lawfully driving a car. By following a few simple steps, car buyers can feel confident in selecting the appropriate insurance plan for them and their vehicles.
Step 1: Find the Right Car
Not all cars are insured equally. The same bias that makes young …

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Top-rated PrismMoney bill pay app simplifies mobile budgeting and bill pay

Did you know that 2/3 of U.S. households have less than $1,000 in the bank and live paycheck to paycheck while averaging 11 bills due per month? Or that, according to Bankrate.com, about 62% of Americans lack emergency savings, with the majority saying they don’t have money for things like a $1,000 emergency room visit or a $500 car repair. Yikes!
To the rescue comes PrismMoney, the free bill pay and budget app that gives consumers a single platform to track finances, manage money and/or pay all of their bills from their mobile device. Prism is available …

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The Other Side of Casinos

Everyone knows that going to the casino can be a mixture of emotions. One minute you are winning money and the next you are losing it. As long as you do not have a gambling problem, it is all in good fun. Set yourself a limit and get away for a night or the weekend to release some tension and hopefully walk away with a little bit of extra cash than you started with. However, this is not always the case and sometimes you come home empty handed or with …

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10 Ways to Cut Costs and Improve Your Small Business’ Bottom Line

There’s no way to get out of spending money if you want to successfully operate a business. But as a business owner, you’re always going to be focused on finding ways to make your profits outpace your expenses. One way to do that is by bringing in more customers.
But you can also increase your profit margin by slashing expenses to the bare minimum, allowing you to save more of what you bring in. While running your business on minimum expenditures might not sound very appealing, you’d be surprised what you …

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5 Common Keyword Mistakes — and How to Avoid Them

The cornerstone of any online advertising — and really, any online content — strategy is to choose the right keywords. When you don’t accurately choose the words that users will search for, or that will lead your ad to be shown on content pages, you might as well be throwing your advertising budget away.
There is no “magic formula” to choosing the right keywords, but there are some best practices for getting the most from them. And a big part of that is avoiding the most common mistakes that often leave …

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Can I make a PPI Complaint?

The payment protection insurance (PPI) claims scandal has been the most troublesome and embarrassing to affect the UK banking industry, and continues to cast a shadow over the industry as a result.  The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) reports that it still to this day, years on, receives thousands of new PPI complaints each week.  It has even had to recruit more staff to deal with the large volume of cases and subsequent backlog in PPI compensation cases.
Most complaints for mis-sold PPI are successful.  The banks and lenders involved have so …

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5 Ways to Market Your Small Business in 2015 — Even if You’re Short on Time

As a small-business owner, you’re already notorious for wearing multiple hats in order to reach your business goals. From functioning as the entire HR department to learning how to code HTML, putting in extra hours to perform tasks, and developing systems you’d rather outsource or hire an employee to do is par for the course when you’re working for yourself and times are still leaner than you’d like them to be.
Because of the hectic realities that most small-business owners face, marketing — one of the most important elements of maintaining …

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What’s the Difference Between a PEO and an ASO — And Which Is Best for You?

If you’re the owner of a small- to medium-sized business, you probably have questions about the best way to handle administrative, human resources, and employment regulation-compliance duties. Most small-business owners don’t have the skills or, frankly, the time to deal with these issues themselves, and hiring a human resources department is often cost-prohibitive. What’s a small-business owner to do?
Many turn to the services of a professional employer organization (PEO) or administrative services organization (ASO) to handle the aforementioned tasks. But what’s the difference between these two organizations?
In short, a PEO …