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Building a small business team is like building a sports team

During the NBA and NFL drafts, teams analyze their entire roster, look at rough spots from the previous year and attempt to build a team that can bring home the world championship trophy.
The perfect team can bring a stellar record, but that doesn’t always mean stacking your team with superstars. While that can be effective, having role players can make a world’s worth of difference. (If you watched this year’s NBA Finals, you likely saw how San Antonio Spurs toppled the Miami Heat using role players instead of superstars.)
The same …

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Online Store Software Changes the Way You Run Your Online Business

Running an online business might sound like a simple idea in practice. Once you learn a little more about how to get people to make purchases through your site, you might find that it takes more work than you expected. You can’t expect to simply launch a site and sit back as the money comes to your account. Some of the biggest businesses in the world hire people just to run their sites and make sales. Whether you have a new online shopping site or an existing site, you can …

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Happy Employees

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Forex Trading: Mastering the Money Making Mindset

As a forex trader, your mindset is everything. After all, you spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer staring at blips on a screen. It’s easy to get bored or antsy or angry at the day’s losses. Here’s how to get your head in the game without the game messing with your head.
Develop A Plan
No good trader does anything without a plan. Even when you’re using one of the Metatrader platforms, like MT5, you still need to set up a plan for entry, exit, and trading …

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Try Your Luck In Job Seeking In The World Wide Web

Do you feel that the current work do not make you happy any more whatever the reason for this is? Well, we live in the twenty-first century and a job search can be carried out without leaving your workplace (on condition that you have access to the Internet). Having free access to the global network allows us to solve the problem of finding work.
We are not talking about odd jobs or executing orders on the Internet, but the constant real work. You can browse all store accounting vacancies or search …

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Baby, You Can Drive My Car

You can drive it, if you can afford it, that is. Buying a first car can be a tricky endeavour if you don’t know what you’re doing and that’s why this handy infographic has been created: to guide first time buyers when purchasing your new set of wheels.
Now remember, it’s not just about picking a car that’s your favourite colour, there’s a lot more to it than that, as the infographic demonstrates.
If you are in the situation where you will be needing to buy your first car soon, make sure …

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What is an Executive MBA?

An Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree is a graduate-level business degree. It is similar to a traditional MBA except for the type of student it targets. An EMBA degree is designed for working professionals such as executives, entrepreneurs and other business leaders.
Several American colleges and universities offer the EMBA degree to meet the needs of business professionals. Washington State University (WSU) is one example. “U.S. News and World Report” ranks the WSU online degree among the nation’s top 10 online business programs.
Online graduates credit their broadened perspective with …

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Modern Car Protection Plans

Modern automobile insurance companies try to make life easier for customers. Thanks to professional websites, customers can manage their insurance policies online. For example, monthly bills can be set up to be paid on a recurring basis. At the same time, it is possible to make manual payments for each monthly premium. Customers can also select to prepay for auto insurance ahead of time and receive major discounts.
A full detailed overview of an auto insurance policy is available for viewing online. Customers can also access menus featuring frequently asked questions. …

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What You Need To Know About Debt Forgiveness

If you have ever had your bank or other financial institution forgive your mortgage you still have to pay taxes on that amount. However, there are some homeowners that have an exception to this especially in recent years.
The following are a few tips issued by the IRS about mortgage and tax forgiveness:
Whenever a debt is cancelled the result is usually income that is taxable. However, one thing most homeowners don’t know is that you may not have to pay taxes on this debt if it was a mortgage on the …

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The Power of Email Marketing

Social media may be the quickest way content goes viral, but don’t discount the power and influence of email marketing. Marketing via newsletters is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website, but more importantly it enables you to create an open line of communication between you and your recipients. Through email marketing, you’ll be able to establish and maintain relationships with the consumers who are interested in your content. You can use email newsletters for any of the following:
Announcing new or recently updated stock
Promoting coupons, sales, and other …

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4 Powerful Benefits of Payday Loans

4 Powerful Benefits of Payday Loans
Are you strapped for cash? Do you need to pay bills but your bank account is low on funds? A payday loan is a fast way to get the money you need right now. Moreover, many lenders will approve a loan even if you do not have a job.
Payday loans have received a lot of attention lately, and millions of people use them every day. While the interest rates are higher than traditional bank loans, the competition between lenders is driving the rates down. If …

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Home Owner Associations and the Benefits of Co-ops

Many communities and neighborhoods across the country are managed by home owners associations, or a HOA. A HOA is a community within a municipality that controls property that is bought or rented by consumers. The homeowners or renters within those HOA communities will pay extra fees per month to the HOA. Those fees help the HOA with their administrative costs, the maintenance of all of the properties and the grounds, and several amenities, like gyms, parks, snow removal, garbage service, and on-call maintenance.
One of the best examples of this is …

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The Rhyme and Reason Behind the Lack of Small Business Lending

Current small business owners as well as aspiring business owners have more than likely noticed how difficult it has become to successfully secure a small business loan. While many might be under the impression that the Great Recession is to blame, the truth of the matter is that there are several factors at play. What this essentially boils down to is that anyone who is in need of a small business loan should approach the matter at several different angles not only to see why there is a lack of …

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Build Your Business by Creating an Online Store

As more and more consumers head online to shop or compare items, creating an online store is a good option for any business no matter the size. Whether you are an established seller with a store front or a new seller looking to start an online business, having an e Commerce site will enhance the opportunities you have to reach customers. By expanding your customer base, you can reach shoppers that were previously out of reach and could not get to your store without the use of the web. Online …

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What to look for in ERP Software

Managing your small business is no small task. With responsibilities like payroll, inventory, marketing, and shipping costs to deal with, a great small business ERP software solution can go a long way in streamlining your operations. Here is what to look for in your next ERP software purchase.
Has every feature you need (and maybe some you don’t). Every business is unique, so your ERP software should have all of the features that your business will need. You might also consider some features that you don’t need now, but might in …