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A Silver lining to your Investments

Believe it or not, precious metals such as gold and silver are still highly coveted and valuable commodities on the stock market. Investment in precious metals has always been a smart choice, since they never lose their value, and are literally worth their weight. Silver is often the most preferred precious metal to invest in, though how valuable an investment in silver is can vary depending on how the stock market is performing, and overall how the economy is measuring up. But while silver investments can be influenced by many …

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6 Tips for Finding Your Dream Home

Ready to move out of your too-small apartment? Or maybe you have a baby on the way and you’re looking to move to a nice suburban neighborhood? Whatever your reasons for considering fresh real estate, you’re probably already aware of the difficulties involved in finding and purchasing a new home. The good news is that these six tips can help streamline the process.
1: Understand The Market
As soon as you know you’ll be buying a house, start following real estate companies, subscribing to their newsletters and keeping an eye on industry …

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Money In, Money Out: Are You Ready for a Personal Loan?

Many of us experience a point in our lives where we need to borrow money to finance a special purchase or maybe to deal with an unexpected emergency. The financial landscape may have changed considerably over the last few years and lending criteria has been tightened in general but the same principles apply in that you still need to be able to work out if you can afford the payments.
Your current financial position
You may think that you need to borrow some money but before you make any applications for a …

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Dollar Cost Averaging: Should You Buy Stocks Over Time To Save Money?

You’ve heard of dollar-cost averaging before, but you’re not sure it’s the right thing to do. Right now, you just buy investments as you see fit and when you can afford to invest money. But, your broker is putting a bug in your ear to save money over the long-term by making regular purchases. Should you?
The Pros:

It’s Affordable – This is a big one. Most people find that dollar-cost averaging is an affordable way to invest in stocks. With dollar-cost averaging, you choose three parameters. First, you decide how much …

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Why your Credit Score Matters

A bad credit score can make it hard for you to get approved for a loan, and may even require you to have a co-signer and/or a decent chunk of change to use as a down payment in order to get approved. A bad credit score can put a damper on your career, too – did you know that more and more employers are doing background checks that include a peek at a potential employee’s credit history? And planning for the future — trading in your current vehicle for a …

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Insurance, your Future is at Stake

Never take a chance by skimping on insurance.  Yes, everyone wants to save money, but remember that the point of insurance is to transfer a financial risk that you cannot afford yourself to an insurance company.  Without having formal insurance, you are self-insuring – meaning that you intend to pay out of your own pocket should a financial disaster occur such as serious sickness or the loss of your home.
For example, some renters don’t own a renter’s insurance policy.  This covers the loss of any personal property (the landlord’s insurance …

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Invest Overseas with ADRs

Individual investors have more resources than ever to manage their own portfolios. However, buying foreign stocks is still primarily left to institutional investors, such as mutual funds.
Challenges such as converting currencies and higher transaction costs are among the barriers to buying international equities.
So, how can you buy individual stocks of overseas companies with relative ease?
The best answer may be American Depositary Receipts (ADRs).
What is an ADR?
An ADR is a certificate that represents ownership in shares of foreign stock. The underlying security is held overseas by an American financial institution. ADRs …

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Want to be Free? Five Must-Dos for 20-Somethings (And Why We Envy You)

by Dan Danford, CFP®
Hey 20-something … Lots of 30-somethings, 40s and Baby Boomers out there envy you. Why? It’s not for the reasons you might think.
If you’re in your 20s, you are in a crucial stage of their life where decisions you make now will have a profound impact on where you’ll be as you enter your retirement years – which will truly sneak up more quickly than you realize. Actually, the decisions you make now will impact how you make plans to enjoy life at every decade. While it’s …

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Six Scenarios Where Buying Insurance Is A Must

There are some seven billion people on the planet, and it’s safe to say that for each of them, life represents something different. One thing, though, is universally certain: Life is unpredictable. While the vagaries of existence usually don’t veer into emergency territory, there are those times when they do. When that happens, the gambler who skated by without ever giving a thought to insurance may find himself or herself very sad indeed. The following scenarios represent just six of the many situations for which insurance is an absolute necessity.
1). …

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Successfully Negotiating Your Medical Bills

Every day there are literally thousands of Americans who struggle to pay medical bills. Some simply give up in frustration. However, ignoring your debt is not considered a solution – and it can oftentimes make the situation worse overall.
One potential solution to easing your medical debt obligation is to negotiate with your medical service provider. While the negotiating process is not considered easy, the good news is that, according to a recent study, more than 65 percent of those who have negotiated their medical bills with doctors have succeeded, and …

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Business Intelligence

Running a business is a hard task on a good day. If your business is large, it can be nearly impossible to know what it going on in every single department at any given time. A decade ago, a business owner would have to gather all the department heads for monthly meetings just to see what was going on within the company. Most of the time, these meetings never provided a clear, up to date picture for the owner. However, today’s technology lets business owners look to see what is …

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Most Common Credit Myths

Most Common Credit Myths
When you want to have a good credit score a little knowledge can be very powerful. Remember that a good credit score can open doors to many great credit offers. When you apply for a loan for a home or car or even a personal loan banks and other financial institutions use your credit report to determine if you qualify according to their guidelines.
Here are a few of the more common myths about credit:
People who lived in your residence can greatly affect your credit history.
It doesn’t make …

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5 Myths & 5 Truths About Declaring Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be a real solution to some individuals’ financial problems. However, many people have misconceptions about what bankruptcy entails. Here is a look at five myths about declaring bankruptcy, and five truths.
Five Myths About Declaring Bankruptcy
 1. Only Financially Irresponsible People File for Bankruptcy
The biggest myth, or stigma, attached to bankruptcy is the fact that only financially irresponsible people could find themselves in such a situation. Unfortunately, that is not true. Most of the people who declare bankruptcy have been forced to do so due to another reason: losing their …

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Why Insurance is the Smart Financial Move

Life is incredibly unpredictable, and this can be both a good and bad thing. Circumstances can change in the blink of an eye, and for when this happens in a negative way it can really change your lifestyle and outlook on life. Situations occur which will take time to come to grips with and to recover from, and to make sure that this process happens as quickly as possible it is important to make sure that you are sufficiently covered. Insurance means that you will be properly protected if something …

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Getting The Right Car Insurance

Getting The Right Car Insurance 
Having car insurance is a legal requirement. It is not like housing insurance or other forms of insurance, whereby you are gambling a little by not having it. There are three different types of car insurance policies, and ironically the best and most comprehensive policy is sometimes the cheapest on offer. To drive a car you at least need the most basic type of insurance which is third-party insurance. The only exception is when you officially register your car as off-road, with a Statutory Off-Road Notification.
Third-Party …