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Happy Holidays & Preview Of What To Expect Here at 20smoney

Happy Holidays everyone.  I hope you get some time to relax with loved ones over the holidays and regroup and get ready for a big 2011.
A quick preview of what’s to come in the coming days and weeks here at the blog… I will be outlining my 2011 strategy.  As I mentioned recently, 2010 was actually a very good year for me.  Now the goal becomes to have 2011 be even better.  I’m going to outline my strategy and hopefully get some great input from all of you at the …

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Looking For Stories Of Young, Successful People

A big part of this website is showcasing the successes (and failures) of smart, young, ambitious people.  I want to hear from people who are doing things to improve their finances despite a tough economy.  I want to hear from people who are starting their own business while in their 20s.
Do you know any of these people?  Tell them to email me with their story and maybe we can give them a glimpse in the spotlight.

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Reader Question: Would You Pay $10/Month To Be A Part Of A Unique Online Community?

One of the great things about having a highly motivated, educated audience is that I have a resource to ask legitimate questions to and pay attention to the group’s thoughts and reactions. So, today, I’m using this resource to ask a question.

My question is would you pay $10 a month to be a part of an online community described as follows:

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New forums have been launched at 20smoney. Now, since there are message boards all over the internet, I’m really trying to keep these targeted and focused. The three forums are online income, dividend income, and the economy.

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You’ve probably noticed that I’ve launched a new look here at 20smoney.com – what you probably haven’t noticed is that coupled with the new look will be a range of new features.

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Time for another round of reader feedback.  Please leave a comment or email me with your feedback!
What is your favorite topic on 20smoney.com?

Investing insight & ideas / Stock market analysis
Online income
Economic commentary

What new feature would you like to see?

Reader Questions & Answers – if you select this one, include a question to ask!
A detailed look at my actual stocks portfolio
Other online income ideas (in addition to blogging)
None of the above

What else do you have to say to me?

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[21 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Email List Gone, RSS Subscribers Count Reduced | ]

A quick administrative update.  I’ve cancelled the email list that I’ve been running for some time – note: you can still subscribe to the site via email through the main link on the top left – I’m referring to the separate email list.  It cost me $20 a month and really didn’t add any value except to make my RSS subscriber count look better.  So, I’m saving some money now, but my count went down about 300 subscribers 🙁  Hopefully, I’ll build it back up soon!
Thanks as always for visiting …