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[3 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Write A Quick Review of 20smoney.com | ]

If you’re a reader or a subscriber of 20smoney.com, will you please write a quick review of the blog at THIS LINK.  It will only take you about 20 seconds, and I would REALLY appreciate it!
Thank you for all of you in advance that take a few seconds and review the site.

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[31 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on Welcome MaxBlogger Visitors | ]

It looks like I’m getting a bunch of new visitors from the article I wrote for MaxBlogger. I wish to point you folks to the following resources that might interest you:

Each month I do a monthly update for the blog, both in terms of traffic and income (income is a huge goal of mine).  You can view my latest update from December here.  Also, my January numbers are up about 50% from December and the update will be out this week.  Subscribe to my RSS so you don’t miss …

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[28 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on 20smoney.com Reader Survey | ]

I’m looking to get some feedback from the readers and visitors of this blog.  Please leave a comment or email me at kevin (at) 20smoney (dot) com with your answers to the following questions:

What is your favorite topic that I write about on 20smoney.com?
With regards to investing, do you prefer posts on specific stocks and trades or more general strategy?
Do you like when I include a chart in a post about the markets or a specific stock (yes, no, don’t care)?
Do you like the “Important Reads” posts where I detail …

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[6 Dec 2009 | Comments Off on A Few Administrative Updates… | ]

Thanks for reading the blog.  Since I have a bunch of readers via RSS and email, I wanted to point out a few updates to everybody.
Toilet Reading
Toilet reading is a new feature that I recently added where you can download PDF’s of content that has been posted on 20smoney.com.  They are organized by topic.  The purpose is to be able to print out some content for you to read on the toilet.  For example, if you want to learn a few things about investing or maybe get a primer on …