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5 At-Home Jobs that Can Actually Support You

Nobody likes commuting to work every day, and nobody likes having to sit in a tiny cubicle for 40 hours a week. If given the choice, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who would choose to go into the office if they could work from home. The comfort, flexibility, and all-around convenience just can’t be beat. And yet, so few people recognize that there are many opportunities out there to work for yourself from home, while still making a livable income.
Here are five types of jobs that can actually provide …

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The Ins and Outs of Set-Asides in Government Contracts

A small business set-aside is a government program that aims to assist small businesses in competing and receiving government contracts as a small business sub-contractor. Under this program, federal agencies that are procuring goods and services are obliged to provide small business owners with opportunities to win procurement contracts. If the market study determines that there are small businesses that can deliver the products, or perform the services being obtained by the government, then it is a requirement.
It is important to note that the price of the services and products …

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Steps To Successfully Budget A Fundraising Event

The only downside to a fundraising event is one you can eliminate with proper planning: the expense. With a little bit of time and legwork, so to speak, you can put everything in place in order to raise money for your organization or event. The following article will help bring the most important aspects into a single place for reference.
Establish The Purpose For The Fundraiser
Figuring out, specifically, the purpose of your fundraiser is paramount to the the resources you’ll have available. Let’s say you want to make use of the …

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Get More Out Of Your IT Team

For any modern business, the IT department is a hugely important part of daily proceedings. Without them, much of what holds up the infrastructure of your company would likely collapse, and the security of the business would likewise be quickly breached. As such, it is hugely valuable if you pay close attention to what the IT team need, so that you can help them to make the most of what they’re doing. As it happens, there is much that you could be doing in order to get more out of …

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The Ins And Outs Of Simple Invoicing

There’s a lot to consider when you start out in business. The world may be your oyster, but only for as long as you take care of the technicalities. You’ll need to consider hiring staff, improving your product, and getting your name out there.

But, many business owners focus so much on the above that they forget something equally important. In case you hadn’t realized, it’s also crucial you develop a method for collecting payment. For some businesses, this involves nothing more than setting up a Paypal account. It’s fast, …

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The Three Rules To Starting A Business When You Know Nothing About The Industry

Some entrepreneurs may think of starting a business with nothing but a good idea and a dream as foolhardy. But, we have seen people aim for the stars and succeed in doing so. Think about people like Richard Branson, Elon Musk, or Tony Robbins, these people had ideas, but not necessarily the knowledge in which to back it up. And so, the same can be applied to yourself, do you have a great idea for a business, but not the necessary knowledge in which to realize it? So, here are …

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6 Online Tools to Help You Manage Business Cash Flow

Managing the flow of cash is vital for a business. An inability to keep track of inflows and outflows of money could spell disaster relatively quickly. While mid-sized and larger businesses can hire accountants and sophisticated professionals to manage cash, smaller businesses often struggle with the basics.
In fact, some estimates suggest that eight out of every ten small businesses fail due to mismanaged cash flows. Traditional methods like reaching out to Cash Stop for an advance or delaying payments to suppliers are good routes to take, but small businesses still …

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Why Your Small Business is Failing

Starting a small business is difficult–so difficult that 66% to over 90% depending on your sources–don’t make it past the first 10 years of business. How can you prevent this from happening to your business?
The first step to anything is to be informed. Here are some of the pitfalls that small businesses run into and what you can do to avoid them. This way, you can ensure the success of your own small business:
You Don’t Offer Your Customers a Unique Product or Service
First, making your business survive starts before you …