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Features to Consider when Ordering Casters

Simplify your workday protect your property by putting cabinet, toolboxes and workbenches on heavy-duty casters. You never know when you might have to move a fixture, and the ability to roll it out of the way will keep everyone safe while preventing damage. When looking for casters, here are some features you might want to consider.
Rubber Wheels for Easy Movement
Casters made with soft rubber wheels will glide across floors without scratching them or tearing at the surface. Your flooring will last longer as a result. With casters that easily glide …

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Top Five New Gadgets

The world of technology moves at an alarming pace. From smartphones to laptops, the electronic goods we buy are improving all of the time. With the mass of new technology piling onto the market each week, it can be tough to see the wood for the trees.
Every now and then, a product is released which sits a peg above the rest. Here, we take a quick look at five electronic gadgets that have recently been released and which stand lightyears ahead of the competition.
Microsoft Surface Pro
Microsoft’s Surface Pro is among …

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[7 Mar 2013 | Comments Off | ]

We are #20 on the list:

An infographic by the team at Couponaudit.com

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Finances in your 20s

            If you ask someone who is no longer in their 20′s what they would have changed about themselves financially while in this age bracket many would have done things differently. I am not referring to wishing they had picked the lottery numbers each week but with regards to saving their money for the future. On the flip side of this however I find the same people who are, for example in their 50s, doing very little more than they did in their 20′s to save for their future. The …

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[24 Dec 2012 | Comments Off | ]

Over the course of the decades that followed, the face of personal banking began to change as banks merged and became national and international entities administered by local branches.

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What Affects Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance is one area of finance that we could all stand to know a little more about. One way to save money on car insurance is to have a better understanding of how your insurance rates are set.

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Is 2012 the year for first time buyers?

With the economic downturn still looming in the United States, it might seem as if 2012 is not a good year to be a first-time homebuyer. However, if you’re looking for your first home, this could be the right time to buy if your financial situation is solid.
Pay down credit cards faster by transferring balances from high interest cards to low or no interest cards. Check offers online, such as no fee balance transfer cards, so you can compare rates.
You must get your credit in good shape before applying for …

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Top Cities to Live for 20 Somethings

For young people with no commitments the world is open for discovery, no matter what the preferences there is somewhere out there which will suit a young person looking to make a new life for themselves.
When looking for a new city to relocate to it is wise to carry out some research, things you might want to take into account include –

The jobs market
Living accommodation
Cost of living
Fun things to do
Transportation system

The top 10 cities in the world for young people to live will very much depend on the individual.  With …