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[24 Dec 2012 | Comments Off on The Banking Industry: Past vs. Present | ]

Over the course of the decades that followed, the face of personal banking began to change as banks merged and became national and international entities administered by local branches.

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What Affects Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance is one area of finance that we could all stand to know a little more about. One way to save money on car insurance is to have a better understanding of how your insurance rates are set.

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Is 2012 the year for first time buyers?

With the economic downturn still looming in the United States, it might seem as if 2012 is not a good year to be a first-time homebuyer. However, if you’re looking for your first home, this could be the right time to buy if your financial situation is solid.
Pay down credit cards faster by transferring balances from high interest cards to low or no interest cards. Check offers online, such as no fee balance transfer cards, so you can compare rates.
You must get your credit in good shape before applying for …

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Top Cities to Live for 20 Somethings

For young people with no commitments the world is open for discovery, no matter what the preferences there is somewhere out there which will suit a young person looking to make a new life for themselves.
When looking for a new city to relocate to it is wise to carry out some research, things you might want to take into account include –

The jobs market
Living accommodation
Cost of living
Fun things to do
Transportation system

The top 10 cities in the world for young people to live will very much depend on the individual.  With …

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Gas prices are out of control and there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight.  In fact with Presidential elections in the U.S. this year, gas prices may continue to increase and be used as a political football for both political parties.
So who is to blame for high gas prices?
Who controls the gas prices?
Where does the money go after the pump?
The following graphic is a great illustration of one viewpoint on the gas situation.  We’d love to hear your opinion on the graphic below in our comments section.

Created by: …

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Sign of the times.  The group coupon thing is a booming business as shown by the two main players in the field doing Super Bowl ads tonight.  I found it rather interesting.  Of course Google trying to buy Groupon for something like 6 billion a little while back was all the confirmation we needed that this new business is here to stay.  Anything to help us consume more and save the world economy!

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The Stock Market: An Amazing Driver Of Emotions

It’s truly amazing how impactful the stock market can be on emotion and behavior.  Unfortunately, our leaders realize this and they are willing to sacrifice a currency in order to inflate asset prices and make people feel better versus making them actually better off.
What am I talking about?  I’m talking about the wealth effect.  When stocks are higher, people feel wealthier and thus they spend money.  If you subscribe to the economic theory that consumption is what drives an economy, well, then this would be a good thing.
Yesterday was MLK …