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Finances in your 20s

            If you ask someone who is no longer in their 20’s what they would have changed about themselves financially while in this age bracket many would have done things differently. I am not referring to wishing they had picked the lottery numbers each week but with regards to saving their money for the future. On the flip side of this however I find the same people who are, for example in their 50s, doing very little more than they did in their 20’s to save for their future. The …

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Planning for retirement for people in their 20s can be difficult. There are a lot of questions that need to be addressed such as where to save or invest, how much to invest, and how much risk to take. A closer look at saving for retirement at a young age can be very fruitful.
The Basics
There are thousands of ways to save and invest money, some better than others. As important as these topics are, the most important thing is to actually start. According to the Department of Commerce, the savings …

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I’ve put up versions of thie chart before, but this one goes further back and is pretty clear. I continue to believe this is one of the most important charts for the coming few years. Ignore it at your peril.

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There comes a time in almost everyone’s life where they must exercise the option of borrowing. Whether it is to buy a home, a car, finance an education or simply take advantage of a credit card to finance a vacation or that fancy dinner.