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It’s Time Your Ecommerce Business Started Punching Above Its Weight: Here’s How

Being a successful online business today takes guts. It’s David versus Goliath out there, and it’s not getting any easier for the smaller players. New ecommerce companies must punch above their weight out of necessity. They have to find ways to roll back the current monopolies and offer their customers new value. But what exactly should they do? How can new ecommerce businesses punch above their weight? And what tools are available to make these new ventures more effective in a crowded marketplace?
Here we’re going to investigate all the options …

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Personal Finance: 3 Mistakes You Literally Can’t Afford!

Like just about everyone, I’m sure you can think of at least one poor financial decision which has come back to bite you. No one manages their money perfectly, and we’re all guilty of a slip-up here and there. However, there’s a difference between the little things which you can bounce back from, and larger financial mistakes that will keep haunting you years after you’ve made them. Here are some of the big personal finance mistakes which you really don’t want to make!
Spending Your Cash Cushion
If you’ve got a decent …

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Freelancers: Should You Start A Limited Company?

When you first start a freelance business, there is one important choice you have to make right at the very start. Do you strike out alone as a sole trader or do you form a limited company? There are plenty of implications of making that choice, and we’re going to go through all of them with you today.
So, if you are considering taking the leap to becoming a freelancer, read on. We’ll explain whether a sole trader is your best shot, or, of you should dive in straight away as …

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Is Insurance The Best Personal Finance Investment?

When people hear about investing, they often think about spending money to make money. We’ve all seen countless online articles that tell you the best ways to make money from an investment. And, we see many things telling us what the best investments are to make.
But, investing your money doesn’t always mean you do it with the intention of making a profit. For me, there are so many amazing personal finance investments out there that don’t earn you money. However, they will still provide a use for you. These …

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Advice For Digging Yourself Out Of A Bad Borrowing Habit

Becoming an adult and learning how to manage your finances can be difficult. You’ll come across various costs you never knew you had to deal with. Keeping up with everything can be exhausting, and it’s not surprising a lot of people end up in debt.
Building up debt is a sign of bad borrowing habits. You may start with one or two loans or credit cards, and before you know it you’ve racked up various debts you have to pay back. It can be very stressful if you don’t know how …

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5 Reasons Hiring a Real Estate Agent Is a Smart Financial Choice

We see internet services like Uber and eBay disrupting business models all the time now, but those who think that online real estate tools can save them the trouble of hiring an agent are sorely mistaken.
The fact is that, while online real estate listing tools have their merits, they don’t even begin to substitute a quality real estate agent. Can an app show your home for you? Will it provide advice during tough negotiations? Can it actively call everyone it knows trying to find a home buyer, instead of just …

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The Key To Really Impressing Your Clients

In business, the clients and customers are everything. Without them, there would be no business to speak of – and certainly no reason to trade. However, knowing how to keep them happy is something which many people struggle with for many years. If you are keen to learn how to do so, then it must begin by knowing how to impress them off the bat. First impressions account for a great deal. If you are able to impress your clients and customers, then this should prove to be a useful …

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Time To Make A Change! How To Switch Careers Without Starting From Scratch

Sometimes you find yourself in a career that just doesn’t seem to fit with who you are. Perhaps it initially seemed perfect but over time you’ve come to realize that it’s just not the job for you. This can be extremely discouraging as it feels like you’re trapped between sticking it out and starting from scratch. Sometimes that can be the case. If you want a complete and total career change, you might have to start afresh completely. But there are also many options that allow you to shift into …