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How to Improve Cash Flow in Your Small Business

Running a small business isn’t easy. There are a million and one things to think about, from finding new customers to increasing your profit margins. If the business is growing, you are definitely heading in the right direction, but what happens if your cash flow dries up because some clients are late paying their invoices?
Invoice Financing
Invoice financing is a simple way to improve your cash flow. In theory, customers should pay their invoices long before the due date, but this doesn’t always happen. If you have one outstanding invoice, it …

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3 Key Financial Decisions to Make in Your 20s

Your 20s can be some of the most formative years of your life. While personal financial management might not be on the top of your agenda, there are many reasons why it is incredibly important to get right within this decade.
There are a number of essential financial decisions that need to be made in these years to help ensure you are well set up for the future. Not only will making such important decisions at this time help you out, it will also ensure future you and any family you …

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Read Your Financial Contracts, For Your Own Good

We live in the era of legal agreement skimming. The first time many of us recall doing this was when first installing Apple iTunes. Back in the day, this was one of the first consumer applications many of us had to add to our computers. Halfway through the installation, we were greeted with a long legal agreement, pages and pages long. Beneath the agreement was a checkbox that read something like “I have read and understood everything written here”. Those of us with scruples started reading, but I’m willing to …

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Why Life Insurance

With growing older and more responsible the need of life insurance increases. Having a life insurance policy is important and helps to take out any financial sting from a sudden loss. The amount of insurance bought by the insured depends upon the standard of living one wish to assure the dependents. Having life insurance helps to fill the gap between the financial needs of the dependents. In general we can explain life insurance as an agreement between an insurance company and the insured under which a guaranteed sum amount is …

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Forex Quotes: Understanding the way they work

Not only the newbie traders but the seasoned traders are also on constant lookout for ways to bolster their profits. Forex is no stranger to a large number of twenty- somethings making their foray into the market every year. For all the beginners out there, it is extremely important to comprehend the significance of real time forex/cfd quotes when it comes to trading. Real time forex quotes are the best way to figure out what’s happening with the world currencies. Your access to real time information amidst such volatile conditions …

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Here’s How To Lift The Weight Of Your Student Loan

It’s shocking when you realize the graduates will enter the job market this year carrying hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Obviously, it varies depending on the university and the course but for many, the outlook can seem quite bleak. Students need to be taught how to deal with their loan and stop it from becoming a burden that could hang over them for the rest of their life.
Avoid Borrowing More Than You Need
If you’re in university right now, you should think about how to avoid borrowing more …

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An Essential Guide to Smart Investing

There’s investing, and then there’s smart investing. Of course, when we add ‘smart’ to anything these days it usually involves some technological leap. But I’m talking about the traditional use of the word ‘smart’. I’m simply talking about using your brain!
Make sure to follow these essential tips as you begin your adventures in the world of investing.
Come up with a plan
To me, jumping into anything without a solid plan is a foolish idea. When you’re playing the with the future of your finances, then you need to come up with …

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Build Capital though Downloadable Content

The power of royalties in your portfolio
Diversification of your portfolio is a basic strategy that any successful investor will implement. By keeping your interest in several sectors, you are less apt to see your investments fall completely into the red. Granted, the type of investments that you choose plays a tremendous role in the yield that you see on the capital invested. As such, having some non-risk financial options is advisable. One of the easiest ways in which you can build your finances is through royalties gained from downloadable content. …