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Facebook or Google – Which Stock Should You Trade?

Facebook and Google are 2 of the most powerful companies in the world. Although it trails behind Apple, whose market capitalisation of $750 billion is worth more than the entire automotive industry, Google’s value of $650 billion is more than 4 times higher than the entire airline business.
Social media powerhouse Facebook and multinational technology giant Google are 2 of the most visited websites in the world. They capture the bulk of global online advertising spending, generating billions of dollars in profits every year, according to the recent release of their …

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7 Traits that are Essential to Entrepreneurship

There seems to be a debate over the definition of an entrepreneur. For some people, an entrepreneur is someone that works for himself and owns his business or brand. For others, an entrepreneur is more than just a business owner — they are innovative leaders that took an idea and transformed it into a business.
While there doesn’t seem to be a concrete idea of what an entrepreneur is, there are several defining characteristics that all entrepreneurs seem to have. Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics and traits …

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Sage Investment Advice for Millennials

If you are a relative novice on the investment scene, don’t be dissuaded. There are many worthwhile financial assets worth considering, and each of them is unique. Broadly speaking, there are 5 asset classes available to you today – indices, commodities, FX, stocks and cryptocurrencies. One of the most exciting new additions to the global trading arena is digital currency. Unbeknownst to many, digital currency includes hundreds of popular options. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum are the most pervasive, with the highest market capitalization.
Many folks are still in the dark …

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Is Investing in Cryptocurrency a Smart Move?

When thinking about investments, one of the most common ones to consider is the humble startup. With so many startup ideas circulating the internet and garnering a lot of success, it makes sense to jump on the bandwagon to try and make the most of a trend or even try to set one. But no matter how much work you pump into a startup, they have high failure rates due to the sheer number of companies that are trying to kickstart their businesses.
With so much competition, it’s become a pain …

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Make Your Website Stand Out Today!

Being a business in the year 2017 has never been better (or worse!) Technology has advanced so much and still is as we speak. The features that you can add to a website are incredible, and the speed it has has never been quicker. Having said that, the competition is tough, because all the businesses have access to all these new features too, so now it’s about figuring out what you can do to make yourself stand out from all the others.
Here’s how.
Color the conversations
For years now companies have been …

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Preparing for an Illness: Coping Financially When you get Sick

If you have been diagnosed with a long term illness, you may be wondering how in the world you’ll be able to keep on paying your bills. A chronic illness can wreak havoc on your finances as well as your health. In the interest of making the most of a bad situation, we are pleased to present a few good ways to prioritize your debts and stay afloat even while battling a serious illness.
Build a budget you can live with
A weekly or monthly budget can help your money go a …

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8 Tips for Choosing the Right Personal Injury Attorney

Choosing the right personal injury lawyer can be a difficult process if you don’t know where to start.  If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, finding someone to represent your case is highly important.  While there is no lack of lawyers in the Baton Rouge area, finding one that is right for your needs can be overwhelming. It might even be tempting to handle the case on your on but navigating the legal world is not something you want to try on your own.  Today, we are …

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Unit Trust Size: Does It Matter?

Selecting the right unit trust can be tough. There are thousands of registered unit trusts with an assortment of investment styles and strategies to choose from.
Investors and advisers often wonder whether they should consider the size of the fund. Some funds are almost 80000 times bigger than the smallest start-up fund. Investors are left pondering what impact this difference in size has on returns. Is the size of a fund important when choosing a unit trust? Let us explore:
Theoretically, the size of the chosen asset manager matters
Large asset managers …