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Six Tips for Climbing the Nonprofit Ladder

Six Tips for Climbing the Nonprofit Ladder
With over 100,000 people checking the job listings at Idealist.org daily, it is obvious that competition in the nonprofit space is fierce. A growing number of people are disillusioned with corporate structure and want to do something that makes a difference. This often translates into a move to a nonprofit job. With an estimated 43 percent of organizations opening positions in the next year, there is definitely work to be had, but many people start in internships or entry-level positions. How do you move …

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[16 Jun 2010 | Comments Off on The “Non-Recovery” Is Beginning To Gain More Attention | ]

A quick glance of the headlines over the last couple weeks shows that more people are starting to realize that the so-called recovery is anything but.  Here are some examples…
Recovery was never strong says Schlling (Yahoo)
Retail data puts double-dip back on the table (MarketWatch)
Read my last post on why housing is in trouble (20smoney)
S&P warns of corporate defaults in coming years (NYT)
Fannie & Freddie de-list from NYSE (Yahoo)

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[5 Jun 2010 | Comments Off on Gold Articles Round-Up | ]

I frequently write articles on gold.  Other times, I’ll just point you in the direction of great articles rather than re-writing what others have already said.  If you’re interested in gold, be sure to read the following articles.
An Objective Look at Gold (Expected Returns)
Understanding The Next Leg Up In Gold (Expected Returns)
Record Gold Sales from US Mint In May 2010 (Zero Hedge)
Gold and The Budget Deficit (SHTF Plan)
On The Descent Into a Weimar Reality (Zero Hedge)

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Spain Loses AAA (ZH)
Consumption flat in April (ER)
Greek panic pushes gold prices to $1700 (SHTF)
Auto sales dependent on 0% financing (USA Today)
iPad mania in the UK (Breitbart)
Government passes more stimulus, more deficit spending (ZH)
Obama was supposed to be competent (WSJ)

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[24 Apr 2010 | Comments Off on Important Reads – April 24, 2010 | ]

Here is some reading material for you if you’re not from Florida, and are not currently at the pool like I am.
Mexico wants Medicare reimbursements! (SHTF)
SEC and their pornography habits (NYDailyNews) – Best quote in relation to this story: “They would have caught Bernie Madoff if Bernie had done a porno!”
Coming avalance of inflation (Money News)
The hidden cost of staying home with the kids (Darwin)
Opposition is growing within the Fed (Yahoo)
Confessions of a mortgage broker (Yahoo)
See how much money Bing & MSN is costing Microsoft (MSFT) (Business Insider)

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[26 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Not All Endorsements Are Created Equal | ]

Cuba’s leader Fidel Castro is praising Obama Care.  He called it a “miracle.”  The release wasn’t all praise, however, since Castro also took the opportunity to criticize Obama for not moving forward with battling climate change and immigration.  Cap & Trade legislation is very much on Obama’s agenda and some say immigration reform is coming in a matter of weeks.
Aren’t you excited that our direction in policy is lining up right with Fidel Castro?
Here are some good reads for you to check out:

Amazing comparison of the US Dollar and the …

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This weekend is potentially an historic weekend.  Whether or not it’s a good weekend depends on your stance.  To help you iron out your stance, check out the article from the other day on whether or not health care is a right.  Be sure to read the comments of the post.
On to the reads…
Jim Rogers says another recession is coming (SHTF) I think it’s debatable whether the first one is over!
Caterpiller (CAT) says that the health care bill will cost them $100 mil the first year (Business news)
Moody’s fear social …

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[1 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Important Reads – End of the Vancouver Olympics Edition | ]

Well, the market had another big up day on a Monday.  Every Monday now it seems has huge gains in pre-market and then they tend to hold the gains.  So, be sure to buy every friday and sell into the Monday run-up (I’m kidding).  Anyways, on to the reads of today…
Ron Paul on the Fed’s bizarre spending habits (Zero Hedge)
Something very strange is happening with Treasuries (Seeking Alpha)
Market would be lost this year without mergers (Yahoo)
Is it wrong to hedge your company’s shares? (Darwin)
ABCNews closing physical bureaus – more evidence …