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Ways To Pay For College And Not Move Home

With today’s economy and college tuitions constantly on the rise college students need part time jobs in addition to what their parents can afford to give them for daily spending and supplies such as books for college.
Many college students attend college on athletic or academic scholarships which takes care of a large portion of their college tuition. However, even with scholarships most students still need a par time job and help from home to cover incidental expenses. The average college student that comes from families with average to above average …

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The Whole Package: How a Data Plan for Your Business Could Save You Money

When it comes to finding a cell phone plan that fits your business, it can be tempting to want to cut corners. If there’s a way to save money, you probably think you should be taking advantage of it. This is why all too often acceptable data plans get thrown by the wayside. Many business owners don’t see why employees should have access to apps and other distractions on their phones. But you may be going about it the wrong way and actually costing your business money by not taking …

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Yes, you can earn money online (decent money) and all you need is couple of time to spend online and the focus to get the money you need to pay-off pressing bills and enjoy little something for yourself. The good thing is money comes easy and quick.

Selling stuff on eBay

If you have some stuff that you think is crowding your place than being useful, putting them on sale on eBay (this is an online site where people sell and buy stuff) will help you get extra money. Before going online, …

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[16 Dec 2013 | Comments Off | ]
Business Intelligence

Running a business is a hard task on a good day. If your business is large, it can be nearly impossible to know what it going on in every single department at any given time. A decade ago, a business owner would have to gather all the department heads for monthly meetings just to see what was going on within the company. Most of the time, these meetings never provided a clear, up to date picture for the owner. However, today’s technology lets business owners look to see what is …

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Employee Credit Cards: Take Control of Spending with Business Credit Cards

Managing Company Spending with Employee Credit Cards
If you’re a small-business owner, you know how important it is to control spending. As your business grows, you should consider using employee credit cards to help you manage expenses. Business credit cards cut down on the need to write checks and reimburse employees, and they offer the convenience of built-in expense documentation. Here are three tips for managing an employee credit card program that will keep you aware and in control of spending activity.
1. Set limits. Business credit cards are designed to help you …

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Ways to Grow Any Business

Many business owners ask what is the best marketing tactic that I can use that is worth the money. This is one of the most common questions that are asked especially from new small business owners. Many think it should be answered starting with “it depends”, however, it’s easy to pinpoint a tool that is very cost effect and yet delivers a very high ROI. What is difficult to understand is that it’s not commonly found in the so called “small business box.” It is actually not a marketing tool …

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Can Technology Solve The Small Business Crisis?

What has been coined as the “Canberra small business crisis” has caused some controversy between local business leaders, with a number of key people suggesting there is still plenty to be done in order to diversify the ACT economy and offer better support to small businesses.
Traditionally the ACT has the lowest rate of survival for small businesses in the country and a summit was held recently in order to attempt to address some of the looming challenges faced in the area.
One of the challenges cited has been the dependence of …

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The Advantages of Buying an Established Business

Buying a ready-made business is often easier than starting a business from scratch and is somewhat less risky. With an array of commercial properties for sale, you can find one that suits your needs, interests, time and budget. Of course, buying another person’s business does present risks, but the advantages are also numerous. It will save time and frustration if you have some knowledge of the industry when researching commercial properties for sale.
Processes in Place
The great thing about an established business is that the previous proprietor has already done much of …