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Is the business world still feeling the impact of Madoff?

Bernie Madoff is the man associated with what has been labelled the biggest Ponzi scheme fraud in history and for which he received a life sentence. The effects are still being felt; such was the scale of the fraud.
For the uninitiated, it must be explained who Bernie Madoff  is. A former stockbroker, investment adviser, financier and a non-executive chairman of NASDAQ, he admitted to running a huge investor scam, one that is believed to be the biggest in US history, through his company Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities (BMIS). Following …

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3 Ways to Increase Your Small Business

Businesses run into many trials and problems that deter its growth and eventual expansion. Despite that, not to mention the heavy work, there are always techniques and methods that will ensure growth for your organizations. Here are some of the quick ones you can do:

Take Your Business to Social Media

The numbers don’t lie. There are more than a billion people in the world that actively visits the online world. A big chunk of them are found on social media. Businesses who penetrate the social media sphere, whether through Facebook, LinkedIn, …

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Getting paid as a business owner: the essentials

Many new business owners and freelancers lose out because they do not optimize their business finances. You can make the most of your accounts receivables in just three stages:
Record all your sales and receipts on a daily basis to ensure your records are up-to-date and correct.
Create and issue regular invoices for each sale and statements for each client.
Track balances against all accounts to keep abreast of payments due, payments made and any overdue balances.
To get paid, you need to create and issue invoices. The invoice can be sent on dispatch …

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Four Essential Steps in Marketing Your eCommerce Business

If you are new to the world of eCommerce, you may have noticed that success is not as easy as you might have originally thought. This is common, especially if you have one or more products that you are excited about. However, an eCommerce business is not any different than having an offline retail business. At least this is true in one very important area: traffic. You must get people to come to your store. The following are four fundamental areas that must be addressed to give your business the …

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[29 Mar 2016 | Comments Off on Easy Tech Solutions To Streamline Your Business From Top To Bottom | ]
Easy Tech Solutions To Streamline Your Business From Top To Bottom

Efficiency is that golden standard that all kinds of businesses are trying to reach. If something can be done just as well with less effort, why wouldn’t you want that? It doesn’t just apply to the services and products provided, either. In most cases, it applies doubly to the side-aspects of the businesses. The management, communication and marketing. For the top layer employees and the boss, there’s a lot to get done. You don’t always have the time or staff to get it done the conventional way. That’s where technology …

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[17 Mar 2016 | Comments Off on How Bitcoin revolutionised our lives | ]
How Bitcoin revolutionised our lives

Life goes really fast. Sometimes it passes by so quickly that we cannot actually even feel how fast we are progressing. Take a moment and think how the world has changed within just the last decade. We are 3D printing replacements for vital human organs, sending rockets to space that come back in one piece and progressing in generally every possible direction.
FInancial services are not an exception too. Even though this industry has always been known as one of the most conservative, bitcoin and other factors are making the shift …

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[16 Mar 2016 | Comments Off on Becoming An Entrepreneur In Your Twenties Isn’t Difficult | ]
Becoming An Entrepreneur In Your Twenties Isn’t Difficult

You hear about in in the news all the time. Someone, somewhere has made a fortune setting up their first business. Meanwhile you’re struggling to pay the rent. Typically, to add insult to injury, these people are either your age or younger! How is that possible? It’s at this point you start the age old self-reassurance tactic.
It must be someone they know. Their dad’s rich or, they’ve got an uncle in a point of authority. You get the idea. It’s too difficult to believe that these people succeeded where we …

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[10 Mar 2016 | Comments Off on Your rights as an employer | ]
Your rights as an employer

As an employer, you will be required to protect the legal rights and responsibilities of your employees. However, it is also important to understand your own legal rights as an employer. By doing so, you can protect yourself against any potential legal disputes in the future, maintain a better working relationship with your employees and boost your company’s productivity levels. To help you do so, we have created the following guide:
Hiring employees

All employers have the legal right to ask prospective employees certain questions about their eligibility to work for their …