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Gen Y Comparison – Who Do You Look More Like?

I’ve recently had a number of conversations about folks my age – the generation Y crowd.  The consensus view of many people older than me view my generation as sort of a joke.  They say we have a feeling of entitlement, an expectation that things should be given to us.  They say when we do something good, that it means we should be taken care of for years as a result rather than moving on to something else.  Generation Y is more interested in work/life balance rather than building a …

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What Does 2011 Have In Store For You?

One year ago we were starting 2010.  Did you have goals or things you wanted to accomplish?  How did it turn out?  Hopefully, the results are encouraging and not discouraging.
Regardless, 2011 is underway and it is a new year.  Where do you want to be a year from now?
I’ll tell you one thing, nothing is automatic and nothing is easy.  If you want to get to a certain place this year, you’re going to have to work for it.
Times are tough which means nothing is easy.  The good thing is …

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What is your income number for achieving the freedom and flexibility you want? Think big here. I’m talking total freedom. Freedom from a 9-5 job. Freedom from slaving for retirement savings. Freedom of location.

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Getting Ahead In Your 20s Financially Nearly Impossible On Just A Salary

Building up net worth in your 20s is very difficult, impossible for many.  For many, their 20s is just trying to climb out of a hole of debt built up by irresponsibility and student loans.  To break even by 30 for many is a major achievement.  Unfortunately, breaking even means you’re essentially at zero.
So, how do you amass some significant wealth by the time you reach 30?  You can be frugal and save, but you’re not likely to hit it big to any certain degree.
Simply put, your salary won’t get …

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Job Guy vs Career Guy vs Entrepreneur

Talking to people about their business goals, financial goals and career goals will always land you a mixed bag of responses and viewpoints.  The way people discuss their career and outlook of career and financial state often can be enough to put them into one of three categories: job guy, career guy or entrepreneur.
Job Guy
Job guy works a job.  There’s little else to say.  He’s probably barely making ends meet or isn’t.  These guys typically have lots of debt, specifically consumer debt, because frankly, they don’t make enough money.  They …

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Staying The Course More Important Than Going For The Home Run

When it comes to your money, one of the hardest things can be to just stay the course.  Doing the little things right for a prolonged period of time can be difficult.  Some, including myself at times, tend to neglect the day-to-day pursuit of financial responsibility while keeping an eye on a “home run”.  Let me use my own example to illustrate.
I have lots of aspects of my monthly financial pursuit.  Obviously, all the obligations, bills, mortgage, etc. need to be taken care of.  Then, I have a number of …

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Read This If You Want To Build A Recurring, Passive Income Stream

I have a new product being developed.  I am looking to sell this myself to small businesses, but am considering building a network of additional sales people or “affiliates” to help sell it.
The product is going to be a subscription based product that will be very affordable and very unique and easily sellable to businesses.  As such, if you make a sale, you get an income stream, not a one-time commission.
If you’re comfortable calling up small businesses around your town and want to …

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What Are You Good At?

Finding what you’re good at can take a while.  For us 20-somethings, it probably takes a few years of working to truly grasp what you’re good at.  If you have no idea, then you should start paying attention to your job, your experiences, your skills and feedback from others.  Finding what you’re good at is an important step in your career, in business and in life in general.
Finding what you’re good can help you be more successful.  By being good at something, you can increase your earning power, you can …