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Gen Y Comparison – Who Do You Look More Like?

I’ve recently had a number of conversations about folks my age – the generation Y crowd.  The consensus view of many people older than me view my generation as sort of a joke.  They say we have a feeling of entitlement, an expectation that things should be given to us.  They say when we do something good, that it means we should be taken care of for years as a result rather than moving on to something else.  Generation Y is more interested in work/life balance rather than building a …

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What is your income number for achieving the freedom and flexibility you want? Think big here. I’m talking total freedom. Freedom from a 9-5 job. Freedom from slaving for retirement savings. Freedom of location.

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The Best Financial Philosophy You Can Have

If you’re a young reader, you have serious advantages.  The biggest advantage is that you can participate and embrace the best financial philosophy that exists.  So, what is it?
The best financial philosophy is to put away as much money as you can by say, 40 years old and watch it grow into a massive chunk of money.
Why 40?  Well, 40 still allows you plenty of time to grow until you might need it for say retirement.  Most retire around 65 so that is still 25 years of serious growth.
It is …

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Puzzling Financial Ramifications of Marriage

Statistics show that married people tend to become wealthier over the length of a lifespan.  While this makes sense (shared expenses, probably more apt to engage in financial planning), there are some puzzling ramifications of marriage for younger folks that I often hear discussed.  So, yes, married people have more money later in life, but what about right after getting married?
One of our single friends recently made the comment that it seemed like all of his friends when they get married immediately get poorer as a result.
Now, obviously this person …

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Amazing Examples Of Health Care Rationing In The UK

When you guarantee health care for everyone with a finite budget, there is only one thing that is guaranteed: RATIONING.  UK, a great example of national health care in a developed economy, is going through some brutal budget issues with regards to their health care.  A recent article details the debacle of which I’ll post some quotes below.

“Some of the most common operations — including hip replacements and cataract surgery — will be rationed as part of attempts to save billions of pounds, despite government promises that front-line services would …

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The Joys Of Traveling

This week I had the opportunity to visit the state of Alaska as I’m attending a business meeting for a few days outside of Anchorage.  What an amazing experience that far too few people have an opportunity to do.  I’m very thankful for the opportunity to come to Alaska and see the absolute gorgeous place that it is.  Between the incredible snow capped mountains, the wildlife, the glaciers, it truly is a magical place. 
Since I’ve been pretty slammed with meetings and exciting outings and excursions over the last few days, I’ve had a …

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Reasons To Be Cheerful Despite Grim Realities This Holiday Weekend

I love July 4th weekend.  It’s a great time to spend with family and enjoy outdoors activities.  I surely hope you and your family the best this weekend.
There are grim realities this holiday weekend as millions of Americans continue in a multi-year stretch now of wondering what their financial future will look like.  Millions remain jobless, and I’m concerned that too many of them are looking to someone else to fix the situation for them.  What might happen if those solutions do not come?  People might be forced to reconcile …

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Weekends are a beautiful thing.  You can spend time with loved ones, get outdoors, spend time outside the office.  With that said, a good question to ask is how much time do you waste?  When I think of wasted time, I typically think of watching television.
When it comes to building a second income stream, time management outside the “day job” is important. Working outside of work is tough and takes determination and a strong work ethic, but it can definitely be worth it, especially int oday’s tough economic environment. The …