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The Whole Package: How a Data Plan for Your Business Could Save You Money

When it comes to finding a cell phone plan that fits your business, it can be tempting to want to cut corners. If there’s a way to save money, you probably think you should be taking advantage of it. This is why all too often acceptable data plans get thrown by the wayside. Many business owners don’t see why employees should have access to apps and other distractions on their phones. But you may be going about it the wrong way and actually costing your business money by not taking …

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After your employees, data is likely to be one of the most valuable resources that your organisation has. This means that it needs to be managed carefully so that it can be of the most use to you, and in many cases, streamlining your data could well help your wider business processes. Read on to find out why this is the case and how ERP software could well help you to streamline your data more effectively.
Quicker update times
One of the very best reasons to streamline your company’s data is that …

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The current economic collapse has caught most American’s in a peculiar buying situation: you can either avoid purchasing new technology and fall behind on the technology curve, or you can purchase it and encumber yourself in more credit card debt than you could have ever imagined.

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Microsoft Buying Skype

Tech bubble 2.0 baby. I’ve been watching Microsoft for some time. I actually want to own the stock because of it’s massive cash generating businesses and incredible bullet proof balance sheet.  With the lack of growth prospects however, you really have to enter the stock at an attractive entry point.  I’m seeking under $20 / share for an entry point.
In the news today is that Microsoft is buying Skype for $8.5 billion.  They definitely overpaid for the company based on Skype’s fundamentals, but it’s impossible to put a …

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The Next Tech Bubble?

Tech land has already had a meteoric rise.  Look no further than the likes of companies like Apple and Amazon which have seen huge increases in share price and market cap.  The most interesting wave, however, of tech news might not even have materialized yet.
The most anticipated companies for possible investors aren’t even trading in the public markets yet.  Who am I talking about?  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Groupon, etc.  These are the companies that investors are psyched to get in on.
RenRen (called the Facebook of China) has gone public on …

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The Future of Making Money Online: Part 4 – Is Google A Sound Long-Term Investment?

Last part in the series on the future of making money online.  Be sure to check out parts one, two and three prior to reading this.
In this part of the series, we’re going to shift gears slightly and look at Google as an investment.  I’ve laid out the case that I believe a shift is occurring in which search is becoming less important (still very important, but less).  Obviously, Google being the global leader in search for years now, this would have a very large impact on their business if …

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[8 Sep 2010 | Comments Off | ]
What Does The Future Hold For Apple & The iPad?

Apple, Inc. (AAPL) is the most widely followed stock in the world.  No company has the fans and the following that Apple has for both its products and its stock.  Truly, it’s an incredible company.  As an investor, I tend to be a bit cautious about any company with such a high degree of popularity.  It’s tough to get stocks that are so incredibly popular at bargain prices or at a point that represents good value (unless of course you bought below $100 a couple years ago amidst the Steve …