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Top 10 Best Performing Scottish Companies On The Stock Market

Investing in the stock market can be an extremely profitable venture if you know who to invest in, when to invest and when to sell. Finding the disposable income to start investing might seem difficult if you have a lot of debt, but you can get help to clear your debt quicker with the help of a trust deed. These can help to consolidate any debt you have to get it paid off quicker, giving you more disposable income. Once you are in the position to invest, looking at some …

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Protect your Portfolio against Inflation Using Gold and Silver Bullion

In times of geopolitical instability, it pays to diversify one’s portfolio with investments that can hold up despite the pressure. To this end, many investors are following the lead of entire nations and are placing more emphasis on precious metals.  Gold and silver bullion bring a stability of value that cannot be matched by other options. Today’s governments use fiat money, printed paper currency that has no raw value. It should come as no surprise, then, that governments have printed excessively in the last few decades, which has in turn …

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Alternative Investing in Binary Options

Finding the best alternative source of income can be challenging for most people; especially due to the time commitment required by most of the available options in the market.  Most of them might require a huge capital investment such as real estate investment. Others may require a lot time investment such as real-time forex and stocks trading; whereas others may be just be very complicated with a lot of technicalities to understand such as bond trading.
However, there are other new platforms such as 10trade that provide simpler and easy to …

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[14 Mar 2016 | Comments Off on How to use Fibonacci in Forex | ]
How to use Fibonacci in Forex

The majority of traders prefer to use levels of support and resistance in their everyday work. However, not everybody can predict how the market will change in the nearest future. That is why Fibonacci levels in Forex are so popular.
Fibonacci levels are used to determine price retracements. It means that if a price impulse is vividly seen, but a trader does not want to join it right away, the indicator lines will depict moments of a better price.
With the help of the Forex Fibonacci strategy, a trader can determine:

possible targets …

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[18 Feb 2016 | Comments Off on The Best Publications for Aspiring Forex Traders | ]
The Best Publications for Aspiring Forex Traders

Trading currencies is undeniably complex. The financial markets are some of the fastest moving in the world, and with a thousand different drivers to influence new trends and patterns, it can be incredibly hard for aspiring traders to wrap their heads around the intricacies of the foreign exchange.
Like any art, however, forex can be mastered by most. It’s not always an easy education, but provided that you have the time, grit, and desire to learn about the currency markets, most people can pick up enough information to trade successfully.
A lot …

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[22 Jan 2016 | Comments Off on Why the Right Trading Platform is Important | ]
Why the Right Trading Platform is Important

In terms of a financial “yellow brick road”, the FX markets have certainly proven their worth. A massive total sum of $5.3 trillion dollars changed hands every day during 2013 and this figure has only increased ever since. As this is also the most liquid market in the world, it is no wonder why so many traders are now utilising online electronic platforms to execute their positions on a daily basis. Much like any successful strategy, a bottom-up approach should be taken to enjoy success. The first component revolves directly …

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[15 Jan 2016 | Comments Off on 2016: Make This Your Year To Become A Forex Pro | ]
2016: Make This Your Year To Become A Forex Pro

With increased globalisation, economies and currencies are more interdependent on each other than ever –– presenting an opportunity for investors to become savvy forex professionals. Becoming a pro forex trader will probably take some time and needs a great deal of effort, but you should not be discouraged because ups and downs are normal. The best part is that you can sit in the comfort of your home with your laptop to trade in forex and still make a ton of money. Once you get the basics right, you’ll soon …

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[26 Dec 2015 | Comments Off on Advantages And Disadvantages Of Currency Trading Online | ]
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Currency Trading Online

Online trading has become very popular these days and everyone from small kids to senior citizens have become their own online money managers through trading online. It is now very easy to fulfill your desire to become an online trader with the easily available online trading platforms whether it is currency trading, stock trading, CFD trading or any other way of online trading.
With the rise in inflation everywhere everyone wants to get a secondary source of income and trading online on financial assets is a great support in this direction. …