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[14 Feb 2014 | Comments Off | ]
A Silver lining to your Investments

Believe it or not, precious metals such as gold and silver are still highly coveted and valuable commodities on the stock market. Investment in precious metals has always been a smart choice, since they never lose their value, and are literally worth their weight. Silver is often the most preferred precious metal to invest in, though how valuable an investment in silver is can vary depending on how the stock market is performing, and overall how the economy is measuring up. But while silver investments can be influenced by many …

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[23 Jan 2014 | Comments Off | ]
Dollar Cost Averaging: Should You Buy Stocks Over Time To Save Money?

You’ve heard of dollar-cost averaging before, but you’re not sure it’s the right thing to do. Right now, you just buy investments as you see fit and when you can afford to invest money. But, your broker is putting a bug in your ear to save money over the long-term by making regular purchases. Should you?
The Pros:

It’s Affordable – This is a big one. Most people find that dollar-cost averaging is an affordable way to invest in stocks. With dollar-cost averaging, you choose three parameters. First, you decide how much …

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[24 Dec 2013 | Comments Off | ]
Invest Overseas with ADRs

Individual investors have more resources than ever to manage their own portfolios. However, buying foreign stocks is still primarily left to institutional investors, such as mutual funds.
Challenges such as converting currencies and higher transaction costs are among the barriers to buying international equities.
So, how can you buy individual stocks of overseas companies with relative ease?
The best answer may be American Depositary Receipts (ADRs).
What is an ADR?
An ADR is a certificate that represents ownership in shares of foreign stock. The underlying security is held overseas by an American financial institution. ADRs …

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[18 Nov 2013 | Comments Off | ]
A day in the life of a forex trader

Despite the fact that it’s the largest trading market in the world and accounts for trillions of dollars worth of trading every day, Forex trading remains a foreign concept to a lot of people. So we thought we’d give brief outline about what daily life can be like for someone that trades Forex…
How the day starts really depends on the trader. Some people try to analyse every piece of information that’s available to them – picking over data, plotting charts, watching news updates – while others just check a few …

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If You’re Going To Buy Gold Or Silver, Buy Local. Here Are 7 Reasons Why

Over the past few years the value of silver, gold, and other precious metals has continued to increase. Since it can be a great investment, buying gold or silver bullion can be a great option. If you do choose to buy some precious metals, there are seven reasons why you should buy locally as opposed to online.
First Reason:
The first reason why you should buy precious metals locally is that you can save on shipping costs.
If you buy precious metals online, you will likely have to pay shipping costs to get …

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Trading Forex News

If you have been trading Forex for some time, you know the value of using Fundamental analysis to decide when and how to trade. News from around the world affects local currencies and this has a direct effect on Forex price movements.
That is why following the news is so important to a Forex trader. If, for example, Japan announces its GDP, this will immediately affect the Yen and its ratio to other currencies around the world.
It is not only the economic news that plays a role in Forex prices. Social …

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[23 Oct 2013 | Comments Off | ]
IG Group in spread betting accessibility drive

Britain’s most popular spread betting company has appointed leading PR firm Brands2Life to help open up spread betting to a wider audience.
IG Group is a FTSE-250 company with a stock market valuation of £2.1 billion. It has nearly 140,000 clients, which is close to half of all the spread bettors in the UK. Brands2Life will be tasked with giving a simpler explanation of how spread betting works. The plan is to make IG Group’s services more attractive to people who had previously seen spread betting as too complex.
Brands2Life’s Guy Corbet …

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FX Market Leaders Launches the New and Improved Premium Forex Signals Service

(10/07/2013) FX Market Leaders, a leading trading community and provider of Forex signals, has released its improved version of the premium Forex signals services, which provides unique features.
The official launch of the premium service was one month ago, on August 1st, and according to FX Market Leader’s marketing manager, more than 500 happy traders have already purchased the service.
For some time, the system was going through Beta testing, in which a small number of members had access to the premium service. The Beta was a huge success and received feedback …