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What is Margin and Leverage in Forex?

In order to be involved in forex trading it is important to understand some of the terminology that is used. Margin and leverage are two terms that will come up every time you trade and here we will examine the terms and try to understand what they mean for your trading.
Margin is the amount of money you need to open a position with your broker. It is not a cost or fee, but rather money from your account that acts as a “good faith deposit” that the broker uses to …

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How to Become a Forex Trader? Explained in 7 Simple Steps

Do you feel that forex trading is a bit risky? If yes, then don’t worry. You are not the only one who thinks this way. We get to hear a lot about risk factor associated with forex trading. Also, people incurring financial losses because of forex trading makes it difficult to give it a shot.
It is not risky by default. Those who want to get into this trading should have a calm state of mind. They must know what exactly they are getting into before making any investment decision.
All you …

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[28 Feb 2017 | Comments Off on Top Rated Forex Brokers of 2017 | ]
Top Rated Forex Brokers of 2017

Finding the Top Forex Brokers 2017 can be a daunting task. There are many sites out there and while they all basically offer similar trading platforms, there are differences that you need to be aware of. You also will want peace of mind and know that you are using a service that many people desire and find attractive. In determining this factor, one should make sure they are also educated in how the industry works and how brokers make their money. The www.TopForexBrokers.com website team do professional review and comparison …

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[24 Feb 2017 | Comments Off on How So Many Traders Are Making Money Online with Forex | ]
How So Many Traders Are Making Money Online with Forex

Whenever you hear someone say they have found a great way to make money online, the first emotion that hits you is scepticism. We have been assaulted so many times with ‘get rich quick’ schemes that when something real comes along, we often pass it by without even taking the time to look into why and how it could really be profitable. Such is often the case with online day trading, Forex in particular through platforms like FX Pro, because we have all heard that it’s a volatile market and …

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[30 Aug 2016 | Comments Off on The 5 common mistakes people make when trading Forex | ]
The 5 common mistakes people make when trading Forex

The fast moving landscape of the Forex market is a trading environment like no other. Fortunes are made and lost overnight and often, when traders are on the losing end of a trade is id down to simple mistakes. A disciplined trading strategy is a trader’s best friend, let your discipline slip and you are doing nothing more than gambling.
Forex trading has enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance in the last year or two and this is in-part down to the rise of the online trading platform, such as the ones …

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[1 Aug 2016 | Comments Off on Modern Advancements in Forex Trading | ]
Modern Advancements in Forex Trading

The world of forex is ever-changing. The markets move at lightning speed, and trends emerge in an instant. Fast-paced, volatile, and tempestuous, trading is a game that will always keep you on your toes.
Like the markets it represents, forex-based technology also continually evolves. The past decades have seen the rapid emergence of wave after wave of new developments, each of them improving the way that we trade, and making everything better, faster, and more competitive.
Here, we look at just three of the ways that technology has transformed the markets….
#1: Speed
In …

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[2 Jul 2016 | Comments Off on Forex Quotes: Understanding the way they work | ]
Forex Quotes: Understanding the way they work

Not only the newbie traders but the seasoned traders are also on constant lookout for ways to bolster their profits. Forex is no stranger to a large number of twenty- somethings making their foray into the market every year. For all the beginners out there, it is extremely important to comprehend the significance of real time forex/cfd quotes when it comes to trading. Real time forex quotes are the best way to figure out what’s happening with the world currencies. Your access to real time information amidst such volatile conditions …

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[14 Mar 2016 | Comments Off on How to use Fibonacci in Forex | ]
How to use Fibonacci in Forex

The majority of traders prefer to use levels of support and resistance in their everyday work. However, not everybody can predict how the market will change in the nearest future. That is why Fibonacci levels in Forex are so popular.
Fibonacci levels are used to determine price retracements. It means that if a price impulse is vividly seen, but a trader does not want to join it right away, the indicator lines will depict moments of a better price.
With the help of the Forex Fibonacci strategy, a trader can determine:

possible targets …