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Race To The Bottom

Essentially countries want lower currencies priced against other currencies in order to stimulate exports. Of course if your exports are cheaper for other countries, then stuff is also more expensive for your own people, but that’s irrelevant, right? Well, what happens when EVERYONE is devaluing against eachother trying to all stimulate exports? Well, you have all currencies losing value.

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Gold Run Over?

The price of gold corrected 10% over the last few days. Here are the reasons why the run is not over.
1. First, a correction like we just got is actually very healthy. I would be more concerned if we didn’t have a correction and continued going up higher and higher. Corrections are needed to shake out weak hands and leverage and help to create a sustained bull run over longer than mere days and weeks.
2. The fundamentals that have supported this run are firmly in place. In fact, they are …

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Markets are getting pretty volatile and many are expecting the Fed to step in. Of course, quantitative easing will do nothing but spike inflation so it’s a lose / lose. I’d hate to be Bernanke right now. How out of control does the price of gold get if they announce QE3? We could get to $2,000 / oz rapidly if so. Uncharted territory indeed.

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Possible Future Gold Standard

On the issue of a gold standard, you have opinions all over the map. It’s impossible. It’s inevitable. Who knows? One thing is for certain, the role of gold is increasing and the role of the US dollar (and likely the Euro) is decreasing. The Euro & Dollar – essentially the two pillars of the current global financial system – are unraveling as the West finds itself in too much debt. The third pillar, the Japanese yen… same deal.
Earlier this week, Ron Paul asked Ben Bernanke (video here) why …

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In the last few years, plenty of people have jumped onto the gold bandwagon. Unfortunately, some have gotten a little “too” pro gold — to the extent that plenty of people have gone completely bankrupt in the last few years making insane bets and bad calls when it comes to both gold and silver investing.

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If a third round of quantitative easing is on the table (and many think it is) there is one thing you can bank on… continued interest rates at or near zero.  Zero interest rate policy (ZIRP) will continue for years in my opinion.  Real rates will be negative based on inflation, and that means gold continues to go higher.

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I Expect Silver To Continue Move Lower In Near Term

Silver plunged something like 30% last week, then bounced for a few days – a text book dead cat bounce – and today dropped big again.  I expect this to continue at least to the $30 level and I still think silver could correct as low as $20.  I put a short term short trade on silver by using the ZSL and will take gains in that if it it plays out as I expect, then buy back into silver in the area around $20 (if it indeed goes as …