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Should You Invest in Foreign Countries – their Risks and Rewards

One of the biggest advantages of investing in foreign countries is that it diversifies your portfolio, and protects it against risks associated with the economy of a single country. In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, a number of countries such as Greece and Spain have seen a loss of trust in their economies. This type of economic downturn is possible in every country, even in the United States. In such a situation, it is prudent to invest in foreign countries to diversify your portfolio. Therefore, diversification is a …

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Stocks Slump on Worries Over Spain’s Credit Crisis

The Daily Ticker’s Aaron Task and Henry Blodget discuss the latest concerns out of Europe with Rob Cox.

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Unforeseen Events

If you were to go back to the start of the year and were asked to give what you thought would be the biggest sources of uncertainty that was possible for this year, you probably would have not have named Egypt, Libya and Japan.  While I’ve been saying for years that there is plenty of global uncertainty, identifying ahead of time the actual form of it and what it will actually look like is very difficult.
Now, calling for a natural disaster similar to what just happened in Japan is of …

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As The World Burns…

It’s amazing how the world works.  I’ve been saying for years now that massive uncertainty is looming and that we’re in for some interesting world events.  The crazy thing is that it’s nearly impossible to imagine what exactly that will look like.  Nobody anticipated that Egyptian protests would be the possible spark, but indeed it was.
With Egypt toppled, protesters are moving on to other countries.  Libya is close to falling, and now the eyes of the world will turn to places like Saudi Arabia where an effective uprising would really …

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Why Egypt Matters To You & Your Money

The uprising in Egypt is big news around the world these days, and while most Americans dismiss the news as just another event over there, the reality is that it is an important event and it represents something bigger.
First, let’s discuss the unrest over there. American media is quickly to describe the uprising as a political event where an oppressed people are finally attempting to throw off the chains of an oppressive government and usher in American style democracy. This is a very myopic point of view. …

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Brutal Austerity Leads To… ?

We’ve been saying for months now to wait for Europe to continue it’s unraveling, and Ireland has finally decided to re-commence the decline in the European economy.  The European Union is completely unsustainable and it is only a matter of time before everything economically changes on that continent including the currency.
While Ireland has the headlines for now, there are strikes going on in Portugal over austerity measures and of course Spain is still in the batter’s box waiting to step up to the plate and finish off Europe once and …

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Originally posted at LewRockwell.com
Are you ready for interesting times and an exodus from the United States? A possibly apocryphal ancient Chinese curse goes “May you live in interesting times.” Those words may derive from an authentic Chinese proverb: “It is better to be a dog in a peaceful time than be a man in chaos.”
Either way, the message is easy to understand for anyone living in the summer of 2010. As I look over at Lucky, my golden retriever whose only concerns are when do we eat and when do …