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[15 Mar 2018 | Comments Off on Tips to become a Successful Trader | ]
Tips to become a Successful Trader

Online trading is becoming increasingly popular day by day. The process doesn’t take much to start so more and more people are enrolling themselves in the online trading path. Some earn big fortunes, whereas some of them suffer heavy losses. According to one of the top financial analysts at Wilkins Finance, the ones who suffer the losses are those who might not have enough knowledge or it might just have been their hard luck. Yes, in order to start trading online, you need to be prepared to suffer a few …

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[3 Nov 2015 | Comments Off on Effective Trading Techniques | ]
Effective Trading Techniques

Traders may spend hours on end studying trading techniques but still end up making monumental blunders by implementing a good strategy at the wrong time. Together with a good and effective trading technique, the element of probability is very crucial in trading. Probability is the name of the game and the simplest way to make sure the odds are in your favour is to master fundamental analysis, a lot of large CFD & spreadbetting providers such as CMC Markets host regular webinars and events. Maintain your market edge by employing …

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What do you think about Facebook stock?
Are you an optimist on FB telling your friends it’s a BUY, or are you netural?  Do you think it’s time for anyone who got in to sell now and take the loss?
The IPO Friday started with an opening of $38 and jumped to over $42 for the high.  The second day of trading the stock plummeted to a close of $34.03.  Currently at The Street.com there are two ‘Strong Buy’ recommendations. (Not sure who put those in there, because it doesn’t have a link …

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Our forecast for 2012. Stocks End Up 10-15%. Housing Stays Crappy. Middle Class Struggles. Politics will continue to be politics. Don’t worry, there’s still good news in this article.

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This is pretty fascinating, but Apple (AAPL) is actually leading the market… lower. I wrote a post for Seeking Alpha at the end of last week how Apple had closed below its 200 day moving average for the first time since early 2009. Since the stock stopped making new highs a few months ago it has basically led the stock market lower. How significant is this? Well, it’s not 100%, but it’s definitely significant. Apple has been viewed as a major market mover and leader …

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The Stock Market Is Not Going Higher, It Is Going Lower

The problem is that it is too easy to manipulate stock prices simply by printing more of the currency of which it is priced in. We could print trillions every day from here on out and get the stock market to 1,000,000 on the Dow, but would that really be a good thing? Since the printing clouds our judgment of true valuation of the stock market, it is wise to “price” the market in something else. What else? Read on…

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We like to make big deals of these levels in the Dow.  We crossed 12,000.  Does it matter?  Well, first, I’d say that the Dow is sort of archaic and the S&P 500 is a better index.  Regardless, though, if you’re a bull, you’re cheering the new level.  The reality though is that 90% of these bulls only care about what the stock market does this year.  This is a terrible way to invest.  Ignore the short term cheering, and focus on the fundamentals, and the big trends that you …

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Interesting Thoughts On The Local & State Gov’t Crisis

Local and state governments are in terrible terrible shape.  States like California, Illinois, New York and even Florida where I live face serious challenges ahead.
The explanation is easy and is actually very simple.  The states have spent way beyond their means for far too long.  A “growing” economy for decades was able to mask the troublesome behavior, but once the growth stopped a few years ago, the crisis bubbled to the surface.
States are doing their best to combat the situation by doing some cuts – Illinois raised the income tax …