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[16 Oct 2017 | Comments Off on Where To Learn From Veteran Day Traders | ]
Where To Learn From Veteran Day Traders

When you start out day trading, there is a lot you can learn from online video classes and studying books and strategies. But to get a taste of the day-to-day, you want to get some free chat in and observe what the veteran traders are doing.
Free chat days are great for novice traders to sit in on and learn the terms and shorthand that day traders know by heart. Terms like gappers, float, high candle and other words that sound like gibberish to laypeople. Learning the language is one …

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Binary Options 101: Everything You Need To Know

Binary options trading is an exciting style of trading which has sparked much interest in the business world, due it part to its huge money making potential. As with stocks, if you can predict whether an asset will either rise or fall in price in a set amount of time you can make a fortune. Best of all, it’s simple, and anyone can do it. You don’t need to be an accountant or a financial genius in any way.  But before jumping in, it’s important to understand key facts and …

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[30 Nov 2016 | Comments Off on Top Tips For Beginner Traders | ]
Top Tips For Beginner Traders

The potential lucrative gains from trading the stock markets lure many a would be trader. However, unless you come prepared you stand at risk to losing all the money you’ve put in. If you want to trade stocks successfully it really pays to be prepared. Knowledge is key and only by investing time and patience into learning the art can you be truly ready to invest your hard earned cash. Here are some entry level tips to get you started.
Read The Right Books
Educating yourself can bear fruit, but you must …

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Different Ways to Learn Forex Trading

The foreign exchange, or “forex,” market is a market in which currencies are traded by investors with the goal of making a profit. Trading in foreign currency is a quick way to earn money, but it is only a good risk if a trader knows what he or she is doing. This market is notoriously fickle and difficult to master. On the other hand, the forex market has the desirable characteristic of potentially offering quick returns on investments. It is extremely important for beginning forex investors to thoroughly educate themselves …

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Binary Options: Trading or Gambling?

There are certainly some upsides to binary options trading like no commission fees, access to major markets…
However, it does violate one of trading’s cardinal wisdom: reward has to be greater than the risk.

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Beginners to Forex Trading Need Practice

Beginners to Forex Trading Need Practice, Patience, and a Lot of Nerve
Guest post be Sara Mackey
If you are young and have a few bucks under your belt that you are looking to invest, it is difficult not to notice the preponderance of ads and marketing claims touting the wonders of trading in the world of foreign exchange, or “forex” for short. The popularity of this medium has grown dramatically in recent years due to the flexibility and sophistication of trading software and the opportunity to make large gains in an …

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Forex Trading Option

Investors Turn to Forex as Facebook Shares Plummet
Plummeting Facebook shares have left many investors feeling they were robbed by Wall Street after the much-anticipated float of Facebook IPO failed to live up to expectations as the ‘investment of the century’. At the end of the first week’s trading, shares are around $32 after they dropped by 13% in the first hour of trading. A number of investors jumped on the bandwagon; foreseeing a great buying opportunity in hopes that the Facebook IPO would be the next Google. But as prices …

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What do you think about Facebook stock?
Are you an optimist on FB telling your friends it’s a BUY, or are you netural?  Do you think it’s time for anyone who got in to sell now and take the loss?
The IPO Friday started with an opening of $38 and jumped to over $42 for the high.  The second day of trading the stock plummeted to a close of $34.03.  Currently at The Street.com there are two ‘Strong Buy’ recommendations. (Not sure who put those in there, because it doesn’t have a link …