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Investors Turn to Forex as Facebook Shares Plummet
Plummeting Facebook shares have left many investors feeling they were robbed by Wall Street after the much-anticipated float of Facebook IPO failed to live up to expectations as the ‘investment of the century’. At the end of the first week’s trading, shares are around $32 after they dropped by 13% in the first hour of trading. A number of investors jumped on the bandwagon; foreseeing a great buying opportunity in hopes that the Facebook IPO would be the next Google. But as prices …

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What do you think about Facebook stock?
Are you an optimist on FB telling your friends it’s a BUY, or are you netural?  Do you think it’s time for anyone who got in to sell now and take the loss?
The IPO Friday started with an opening of $38 and jumped to over $42 for the high.  The second day of trading the stock plummeted to a close of $34.03.  Currently at The Street.com there are two ‘Strong Buy’ recommendations. (Not sure who put those in there, because it doesn’t have a link …

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This is pretty fascinating, but Apple (AAPL) is actually leading the market… lower. I wrote a post for Seeking Alpha at the end of last week how Apple had closed below its 200 day moving average for the first time since early 2009. Since the stock stopped making new highs a few months ago it has basically led the stock market lower. How significant is this? Well, it’s not 100%, but it’s definitely significant. Apple has been viewed as a major market mover and leader …

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I Expect Silver To Continue Move Lower In Near Term

Silver plunged something like 30% last week, then bounced for a few days – a text book dead cat bounce – and today dropped big again.  I expect this to continue at least to the $30 level and I still think silver could correct as low as $20.  I put a short term short trade on silver by using the ZSL and will take gains in that if it it plays out as I expect, then buy back into silver in the area around $20 (if it indeed goes as …

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The Next Tech Bubble?

Tech land has already had a meteoric rise.  Look no further than the likes of companies like Apple and Amazon which have seen huge increases in share price and market cap.  The most interesting wave, however, of tech news might not even have materialized yet.
The most anticipated companies for possible investors aren’t even trading in the public markets yet.  Who am I talking about?  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Groupon, etc.  These are the companies that investors are psyched to get in on.
RenRen (called the Facebook of China) has gone public on …

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The market has been going up everyday it seems like.  Complacency and volatility is very low.  As such, I’m buying some option calls on the VIX (volatility index).  With the possible end of QE2 around the corner combined with tons of uncertainty in areas like the Middle East or even the debt of Europe, buying cheap insurance at this point seems like a prudent move.  I’m buying July Calls on the VIX for just a couple hundred bucks.  If the volatility index exploded in conjunction with a significant market correction, …

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At the depth of the oil spill crisis, I decided to buy a bunch of shares of Transocean (RIG).  I got in on the shares in the low $50’s.  I didn’t time the trade perfectly, because the shares actually went on to go into the mid/low $40’s.  On situations like this, however, you don’t have to time the trade perfectly to do very well.  I bought the shares because I’ve always liked this company, and I saw that the focus of the public and the media was on BP, not …